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UAB student at a homecoming parade with strings of beads to hand out. Funding is an important part of the postdoc experience. The Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) provides support and avenues for postdocs to find internal and external funding opportunities.

The OPE sponsors several awards for postdocs, including:

  • a travel award,
  • a career enhancement award, and
  • an internship award

There are also a number of training grants at UAB that postdocs can apply to.

UAB and the OPE also encourage all postdocs to apply for individual fellowships. We provide tools you can use to identify funding options that align with your research interests and career stage. This includes a list of private foundation funding that does not have a citizenship requirement. Funding opportunities through the OPE are open to all current UAB postdocs to enhance their current and future career goals. Some of the training grant opportunities through UAB are limited to US nationals only.

If you would like to discuss which specific awards or grants would be appropriate for you to apply to, please contact us.

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