Woman in a lab coat looking at results on a computer screen. A primary goal of the Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) is to to provide you with career support and resources for during your postdoc and beyond. A major component of this work is providing support for your continuing education through tuition remission.

All UAB Postdocs receive six (6) credit hours of tuition per academic year to be used toward taking graduate level courses. If you are interested in taking courses, start the process by registering for classes.

Each year, the OPE sponsors courses that help postdocs and senior graduate students prepare for entering the job market. These courses cover topics like Lab Management, Translational Science, Grant Writing, and Job Skills. You are eligible to complete graduate courses and certificates through the Office of Professional Studies and Experiential Learning opens a new website (OPSEL). The OPE also oversees a Certificate in Postdoctoral Professional Development designed to prepare you to be competitive for a variety of professional opportunities after the completion of you training at UAB.

A required part of your continuing education is the completion of the Principles of Scientific Integrity course. This course is a component of completing your Responsible Conduct of Research requirement. The course is taught by Dr. Lisa Schweibert, the Senior Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Education.

The OPE also offers career resources, professional development workshops, and individual career consultations in order to support you in your professional development and career journey.

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