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A mentor and mentee working in a research lab. The Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) provides resources to assist you in appointing postdoctoral scholars and the establishment of the terms and conditions for the position offer. Below are some important points to consider in making the appointment. These may be helpful in avoiding misunderstandings during the training period.

  • Postdoctoral scholars have terms and conditions they are entitled to according to UAB policy. These include vacation, UAB minimum salary, and maternity/paternity leave.
  • At the time an offer is made, the resources must be available for both the salary and training requirements for the period of the appointment (one year).
  • Appointments are for one year and may be renewable annually for up to an additional three years upon written agreement between the mentor and the postdoc.
  • The appointment letter should include a description of performance expectations, responsibilities, and position requirements.
  • If the mentor does not intend to re-appoint the postdoc for another year, the mentor must notify the postdoc in writing three months prior to the re-appointment date.
  • The primary purpose for a postdoctoral position is for training. You are encouraged early in the appointment to establish performance benchmarks, monitor progress, and keep records on a regular basis. Formal feedback is appropriate in a training environment. If problems do arise, it is important to document these together with any corrective action you have instituted.
  • The OPE offers outstanding postdoctoral candidates a salary enhancement award twice yearly, on a competitive basis, known as the Career Enhancement Award.

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