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UAB Mentoring Matters includes a series of online modules hosted in Canvas that were drafted and developed in consultation with training program directors and administrators from across UAB. Specifically, online training includes successful completion of the following modules: Mentoring Today’s Mentees, Culturally Relevant Mentoring and Promoting Mentees Mental Health & Awareness. Successful completion of each module is defined as a quiz score of 80% of greater.

Departmental leaders and Training Program Directors are encouraged to conduct in-person discussion sessions with faculty who have completed the online training to reinforce the information contained within the modules. Mentoring-related case studies for such sessions are available from the Graduate School.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • communicate effectively with mentees to promote their independence and professional development
  • build diversity and equity skills for a more inclusive training environment
  • recognize factors affecting mentees' mental health and know the available UAB resources
  • improve your mentoring skills

To access the Mentoring Matters online modules:

  1. Visit to log in. If you encounter issues accessing the course, please submit a ticket to eLearning. For the course name, please enter UAB Mentoring Matters. In the Description of Request field, please write “Add me as a student.
  2. Enter a BlazerID and password.
  3. Follow instructions on the homepage to access the modules.

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