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Faculty leading the way at a UAB commencement ceremony. The Office of Postdoctoral Education provides:

  1. A website for faculty to advertise available positions for potential postdoctoral candidates to review. Send a description of the available position for posting to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  2. An information packet for faculty to give to postdoc candidates during recruiting and interviewing. The packet includes information about Birmingham and UAB postdoctoral topics such as insurance, vacation, maternity leave, policies and procedures, and available awards.
  3. Informational advertisements about UAB. These are made on a regular basis in journals such as Science, New Scientist, and various online publications.
  4. Opportunities for postdocs to compete for funding awards. The Career Enhancement Awards provides funds for collaborative research with other universities, attending workshops, taking courses to learn new skills, or participating in internships up to one month. Our travel awards help postdocs to enhance their development by traveling to national or international scientific meetings for the purpose of giving an oral presentation. The Internship Award provides funding to experience another learning environment in industrial, academics, or administrative settings for up to six weeks. The Individual Fellowship Incentive Program is available to any postdoc who writes a grant and receives funding. Learn more about our awards.
  5. Courses that help prepare postdocs for entering the job market. A grant writing course helps postdoc participants produce a grant at the end of the six week program. The Lab Management course covers budget management, safe lab practices, and career management. The Translational Medicine course introduces every aspect of preparing and conducting a clinical and translational science research program. The Job Skill course describes an array of career options outside academic research, helps with resume building, and helps the postdoc develop and implement a career management plan. Learn more about continuing education.
  6. Funding for 6 hours of career development classses each year. Frequently taken classses include English as a Second Language, presentation skills, and research ethics.
  7. Workshops and seminars on topics of interest. These are conducted on an on-going basis.
  8. Open communication. OPE works directly with the UAB Postdoctoral Association and Black Postdoctoral Association concerning issues of importance to Postdocs.
  9. Support for mentors and postdocs. OPE is available to help with questions or problems that may arise.

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