Responsibility center management (RCM) is a transparent, decentralized approach to budgeting that aligns resources and expenses with the college, faculty or a department that creates them.

It enables units to be accountable for their own academic and financial planning and encourages entrepreneurship, efficiency and educationally sound choices.

UAB is moving to this more comprehensive budgeting approach to secure a number of advantages:

  • Flexibility to encourage and respond to entrepreneurial opportunities while securing our strategic objectives
  • Ensure that sound metrics support our investment in institutional and responsibility center missions.
  • Increase accountability in our use of resources to support these missions.
  • Establish a methodology for creating strategic investment pools at all levels.
  • Improve transparency in flow of funds throughout the institution
  • Provide contingencies and create buffers to protect against moderate changes in funding
  • Enhance understanding of the true cost of operations to promote communication and maintain trust
  • Promote and reward interdisciplinary cooperation in education and research