Revisions to the UAB Faculty Handbook under consideration are expected to create a more family- friendly work environment and help UAB improve its recruitment and retention of faculty, both goals in the university’s strategic plan.

In 2007 the Faculty Senate recommended changes to Section 2 of the handbook to extend the tenure-earning period for faculty beset by health or family matters and also to clarify circumstances under which faculty temporarily could reduce their workload to part-time.

Provost Eli Capilouto has proposed additional measures to sections 2 and 7; those revisions were presented to the Faculty Senate during its December 2007 meeting.

“These changes provide the means for UAB to respond to the needs of faculty who are experiencing difficulties related to their personal health or family demands and so demonstrate their importance to the university,” said President Carol Garrison, Ph.D.

“Likewise, we send a clear signal to faculty prospects that UAB is a family-friendly workplace, and we recognize the importance of balancing personal and professional responsibilities.”

The proposed revision to Section allows tenure-earning faculty to pursue their careers on a part-time basis with departmental approval for a fixed period of one semester to two years for reasons of family care or personal health; tenured faculty could request either temporary or permanent part-time appointment for a broader set of reasons.

A proposed revision to Section 7 would permit “modified duties” for a semester for faculty facing extraordinary personal or family demands.
Modified duties involve adjustment of responsibilities to allow flexibility so that the faculty member can better manage both work and personal needs.

A copy of the presentation is online at the Faculty Senate Web site at Select “Dec 07 Family Friendly Policies” from the Faculty Senate Meeting Presentations pull-down menu.

A copy of the UAB Faculty Handbook is online at .