UAB would like to remind faculty, staff and students that they can sign up for the university’s telephone-based Emergency Notification System. The system is used to send text messages to cell phones and pagers when urgent information needs to be communicated quickly to the university community.
UAB’s Information Technology group regularly collects contact information from those who wish to receive alerts from the system. To submit or update your information, fill out the UAB Emergency Notification System form found in BlazerNET – . The form can be found:

• On the Student Resources tab in the Registration Tools channel
• On the Employee Resources tab in the Policies & Form channel

At this time UAB intends to use this system only for emergency purposes, with the exception of drills or other tests that may be conducted to ensure proper functioning of the system. Messages from the system will be sent from “UABeNotify.”

During an emergency situation, UAB also communicates via Web and intranet, announcements to the media, emergency messages through telephone and e-mail to building administrators, and direct communication from officers on the scene.

• Targeted announcements to faculty, staff and students appear on the BlazerNET portal.
• Emergency alerts appear also on the UAB home page, the UAB Reporter site and the UAB Police Department site.
• Mass e-mails are sent to students, faculty and staff.

For more information on UAB’s policies and procedures during any emergency or severe weather situation, please visit the UAB Emergency Information Web page at . The page also contains links to internal and external emergency support and information resources.