Bonnie Zarzaur thought she might have found a permanent administrative assistant for her office in the Division of Hematology and Oncology when Fay Carroll arrived.


Fay Carroll, a messenger in the Division of Hematology and Oncology, is August’s Employee of the Month. If you know of a great employee and would like to nominate them for this recognition, e-mail Jason Turner at

Carroll was battling an injury that was keeping her from her normal duties as a messenger in the division and thus was on a temporary assignment – one Zarzaur says Carroll performed in an exceptional manner.

“She did an absolutely beautiful job, and I would have been thrilled to have her in our pool,” Zarzaur says. “However, sitting behind a desk all day wasn’t for her, and I’m actually very thankful for that. We never would be able to find another messenger of her caliber – ever.”

An extraordinary attitude, a willingness to help others and dedication to her job and fellow co-workers are just a few of the reasons Carroll has been named UAB’s August Employee of the Month.

Carroll is well-organized, efficient, patient, conscientious and respected by her peers. Zarzaur says many messengers have come and gone through the years and Carroll has trained them all, displaying superior supervisory skills and seemingly endless patience.

“I must admit I have learned much from watching her interactions with co-workers when she would have discipline, attendance or quality issues to confront,” says Zarzaur, who supervised Carroll for more than six years. “She calmly, cheerfully and respectfully addresses weaknesses without demeaning or accusing.”

Carroll says she is humbled by the praise of her co-workers and honored to be selected employee of the month.

“It’s a joy even to be considered for the award,” she says. “I just come in to the office and try to stay focused on what I need to do.”

Co-workers marvel at the positive attitude and work ethic Carroll brings in to the office every day. “If she has any stress in her home life she doesn’t bring it to work,” says Betty Crowe, an administrative support specialist in the division. “She never complains, and she is the most trustworthy person I have ever worked with. She will get the job done, regardless, with a smile.”

Carroll says it’s easier to leave interferences outside the office than some might think. She says she focuses on doing her job, and when it’s time to leave for the day, she will worry about those other issues then. “Besides,” she says, “you don’t need to make someone else miserable just because you may be miserable. I try to let my job be the joy in my life while I’m here.”

Co-workers clearly notice the happiness she has doing her job. At a recent Administrative Professional’s Day Lunch, everyone in attendance was asked to write something about themselves on a piece of paper. The papers were collected and read out loud, and everyone was asked to guess who said what about themselves.

“One piece of paper read ‘I love my job.’ And in a room of 20 people, we all knew it was Fay who wrote it,” says Kelly Adamson, an administrative associate in the division. “She really does love her job, and we really do love having her here.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars depend on Carroll’s conscientious attention to detail in walking grants and couriering checks through channels and dispersing hand deliveries. She is the arms and legs of each physician, scientist, administrator and administrative employee in the division. She treats each package, patient record or task as if it is irreplaceable and priceless, others say.

“Fay has repeatedly demonstrated skills beyond her expected level, and she is focused upon her tasks until completion with a positive, upbeat attitude,” says Jennifer Mahaffey, an administrative associate and Carroll’s supervisor. “I cannot imagine the division without her.”

Carroll can’t imagine not being a messenger. When she recovered from her injury, she was right back to her normal job – making deliveries and meeting people.

“I would never be able to sit behind a desk all day,” she says. “I love mixing in with people and talking to people. I appreciate this division, the people who work in it and the opportunity to do what I do.”