Beginning this fall, all UAB courses — except labs, independent studies and seminars — will automatically be issued a virtual classroom (Bb Vista 4) with a UAB template.

The virtual classrooms for fall are not available the week of June 30 to faculty in Business, Engineering, Humanities, Joint Health Sciences, Public Health, Optometry and Social & Behavioral Sciences for preparation. They are being moved from Vista 3 to Vista 4.

Active summer courses will continue uninterrupted in Bb Vista 3.

Faculty will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access a temporary location for Bb Vista 4 to continue development of fall courses. All course development for fall should occur in Bb Vista 4.

The entire system will be upgraded to Bb Vista 4 between Aug. 9-12, and all courses will be migrated; Bb Vista 3 courses will be available in read only mode to enable faculty access to view grades, but no changes to content or grades can be made during that time. After August 12, Bb Vista 3 will not be supported.

Bb Vista 4 should be active and open to faculty and students by Aug. 13.

Faculty new to preparing a virtual classroom using Bb Vista may contact an instructional design specialist for assistance. Information about Bb Vista 4 training classes for all users is available online.

Contact Matthew Jennings at 975-6545 if you did not receive an e-mail on how to access fall courses, or if you have any additional questions.