June 1 was the last print issue of the UAB Reporter for the summer; we’ll resume printing and distributing the newsletter with the Monday, Sept. 7 edition. Don’t worry, though, we’re not taking the summer off – instead, we’re saving money by offering the publication online at www.uab.edu/reporter. We’ll tell you each time there is a new one by a notice in The eReporter.

When we pick back up with printing and distribution in the fall you’ll notice some changes, primarily that we’ll be keeping the classified, clinical trials listings and calendar online so we can devote our pages to stories that highlight and explore the interests, objectives and achievements of UAB and its faculty and staff. Also, we will be reviewing our external print mailing list. So, if you’re a loyal reader but not a current faculty or staff member, be sure to sign up for The eReporter by sending an e-mail to ereporter-subscribe-request@listserv.uab.edu so you can get the latest campus news and information delivered straight to your inbox. If you don’t have easy access to a computer and are currently receiving a printed copy, e-mail us at reporter@uab.edu or call us at 205/934-2040 to request to remain on the mailing list.

Managers are asked to download this PDF about the changes and post it for the benefit of employees who do not have access to a computer as part of their daily work.