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Refresher IRB Training
Following the completion of IRB initial training, UAB IRB policy requires refresher training once every three years for key personnel involved in human subjects research. All training courses are valid for three years from the date of training completion. For example, a training course completed on September 26, 2017 is valid until September 25, 2020.  
The UAB Office of the IRB has worked with the CITI Program to create two options for refresher training courses:
  • IRB Refresher Training – Biomedical
  • IRB Refresher Training – Social, Behavioral, Educational (SBE)
Both course options contain the similar elements as well as topics specific to the type of research.
Participants should only select and complete one Refresher Course option.
Course registration works differently for those who have not established a UAB BlazerID and password.
Instructions for those with or without BlazerIDs can be found below:
Do you have a UAB Blazer ID and password?
How can I document my IRB training?
To see the IRB's training records-for yourself or anyone else in our database-use the Training Records in IRB e-reports.
  • The OIRB does not provide completion certificates for individual IRB training courses.
  • The IRB database contains training information for non-UAB personnel that is not shown in BlazerNET or HealthStream.
  • HealthStream records may contain training information for UAB personnel that is not shown in the IRB database.
  • If you take the course course with a XIAS account-as soon as you pass the course-click "Grades" (under Course tools) and print that page if you want your own documentation.
Training Records in IRB e-reports
How to check anyone's training in the IRB database​