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If participants from other institutions not having an IRB (e.g., hospitals, schools, businesses) comprise all or part of the population for this study, written approval should be obtained from an authorized official of that institution. A statement of preliminary contacts with the appropriate officials should be attached to materials submitted for review. If the other institution has an IRB, attach a copy of its approval for the activities to be carried out at that institution.

If the research is federally funded, the UAB OIRB must determine if the other institution is “engaged in research’ as stated in 45 CFR 46.103 and defined in OHRP guidance of January 26, 1999. If the other institution is engaged in research, then it must have (a) an assurance with OHRP and (b) IRB approval from its registered IRB.

Birmingham Veterans Affairs Medical Center (BVAMC)

For research that is conducted at the VA only, with no funding through the UAB Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), and under a VA appointment, the protocol does not have to be submitted to the UAB IRB. Contact the VA Research Compliance Officer for information regarding the regulations on submitting to their office. The contact person is Kim Moses, Research Compliance Officer and Program Analyst, at 933-8101 ext. 5176.

For research that is conducted at both the VA and UAB or with funding through the UAB OSP, the protocol must be submitted to both the VA IRB and UAB IRB. The UAB IRB will require that you provide a copy of the VA IRB approval and VA IRB-stamped consent form(s). Dually-stamped consent forms are no longer permissible at the VA. Please contact the VA if you are interested in conducting research at both UAB and the VA.