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  • Featured Resource: Hanover Research

    Sep. 20, 2023

    The Office of Research has a partnership with Hanover research to provide grant support services to UAB faculty. Hanover support focuses on improve your proposal’s alignment with the funder, responsiveness to the solicitation, competitiveness, and general grantsmanship.

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  • Request RDO Support

    Sep. 13, 2023

    The RDO assists faculty at the earliest stages of idea development who are pursuing large interdisciplinary research initiatives, including the preparation of grants that involving multiple schools, departments, divisions, or centers to support new research programs at UAB. The RDO is available to discuss your specific needs and connect you with the best internal and external resources to ensure your research project’s success. The RDO offers in-house proposal review services, including guidance on proposal structure, content, style, and grantsmanship.

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  • Stay Connected: Subscribe to Research Matters

    Sep. 6, 2023

    Research Matters is a weekly newsletter designed to effectively inform the UAB research community of important updates that affect research administration. The Office of Research Development regularly publishes news and updates through Research Matters. Subscribe so you do not miss our news and announcements!

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