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  1. Introductory Call: If you’re interested in participating in GRIT, schedule an introductory call using this link. During this discussion with program leadership, we’ll delve into your research career and proposal development plans. This call will help determine if the GRIT program aligns with your grant writing goals.
  2. Online Application: After completing the introductory call, you can formally apply for the GRIT program. The application involves uploading a biosketch and a specific aims page for your proposed project. If you’d like feedback on your specific aims page before submitting your application, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Evaluation: Our team reviews applications based on merit and readiness to benefit from the GRIT program. Select applicants receive invitations to participate in a panel review, where they receive constructive feedback on their proposals. Together, the panel assesses whether applicants are prepared to enroll in GRIT.
  4. Admission Decision: Within two weeks of the panel review, applicants either receive invitations to enroll in GRIT or receive feedback on how to prepare for future enrollment.
  5. Enrollment: If invited, applicants join the GRIT program and are assigned to a group of near peers at the same career stage, along with a dedicated group coach. Participants will receive an invoice for their program fee, due upon enrollment.

Upcoming Cohorts

The GRIT program is offered twice a year, with the Fall cohorts beginning in August and the Spring cohorts beginning in February. It is ideal to enroll in a cohort at least 5 months before your submission due date, though exceptions can be made.

We are now recruiting for the Fall 2024 GRIT cohorts slated to begin in August. This cycle is ideal for applicants pursing NIH K- or R-series grants or comparable with a due date of January 2025 or later.

Key dates for the Fall 2024 application cycle:

  • Introductory calls with program leadership: April – June 2024
  • Applications Due: Friday, June 21st
  • Panel Reviews (Invitation only): June – July 2024
  • Admission Decision Notification: Friday August July 26th
  • Enrollment Deadline: Friday August 12th
  • Fall ’24 Cohort Intensive Begins: Week of August 12th
  • Fall ’24 Cohort Intensive Ends: Week of Jan 13th


The GRIT program is open to UAB faculty members and select postdoctoral researchers who are pursuing extramural career development (K-series) or research (R-series) awards. Cohorts are grouped based on career stage and research focus area to provide tailored support and guidance. The curriculum is heavily focused towards NIH applications, but applicants are welcome to pursue comparable federal or foundation funding during the GRIT program.


Questions about the process? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.