Real-world insight, hands-on education

Prosperity depends on a region's ability to create new businesses and help existing ones become more efficient and an employer's ability to adapt to changing markets and technologies. That requires a flexible, highly educated workforce.

UAB's education programs, especially its strengths in emerging fields — such as biomedical engineering, industrial distribution, computer security and neuroscience — prepare today's students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our interdisciplinary curricula, experiential learning and new signature certificate programs provide unique, tailored benefits to students while helping companies prosper and grow and ensure the university remains relevant to students and potential employers.

Collat School of Business

The UAB Collat School of Business offers a minor in entrepreneurship for non-business majors, and well as Entrepreneurship Certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels. There are also Entrepreneurship Internships available at the UAB iLab.

Learn more about undergraduate and graduate courses in innovation and entrepreneurship from the Collat School of Business.

School of Engineering

The UAB School of Engineering's Master of Engineering in Design Commercialization program combines engineering and business courses in a one-of-a-kind approach that bridges the gap between educational research and industrial applications.

School of Health Professions

The UAB School of Health Professions' Master of Science in Biotechnology Program focuses on helping students take scientific ideas from benchtop to business in a single year.