Student Testimonials

"The Master's in Biotechnology Program was the best decision I ever made with my career.  It enabled me to transition into a much more dynamic industry, while giving me the skills necessary to provide value to many different types of businesses in the biotechnology sector."

-   John McCarter, MS
    Director - Business Development
    Soluble Therapeutics, Inc.

I have to admit that my overall experience with UAB’s Biotechnology program can not only be described as rewarding but also as fun! The classroom was not consumed with instructor lectures; class was engaging and encouraged independent thinking through discussion. What sets this program apart is that the students are not just taught theory, we were taught to apply theory to actual problems to develop a solution. This type of learning environment really prepares students for the workforce. Another great aspect of the program was our ability to choose from a vast number of internships, these internships allowed us to apply our refined laboratory and business skills in real world settings. UAB’s Biotechnology program has figured out how to effectively combined science and business in a way that students can successfully enter the science community.  

-          Mary Alice Isom
      Forensic Scientist - Biology
      Alabama Department of Forensic Science

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