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UAB provides clinical genetic services across multiple specialties including cancer, prenatal, pediatric and adult genetics. At UAB, genetic counselors have the opportunity to work across specialties both independently and as part of multidisciplinary teams. Join our robust team of genetic counselors, physicians, nurses, genetic counseling assistants and staff in providing outstanding patient care.

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Make your mark on the future of genetic counseling by joining the UAB Genetic Counseling Program faculty. Inspire students while pursuing your goals in teaching, service, and research.

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The world-renowned UAB Medical Genomics Laboratory has a special focus and expertise in all forms of the neurofibromatoses, rasopathies, and tuberous sclerosis. Genetic counselors in this laboratory are involved in everything from customer service and web design to research and teaching.

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Did you know Alabama is the best place to live if you want your genome sequenced? There are a multitude of active genomic sequencing projects at UAB including: All of Us, CSER2, AGHI, 100 Genomes, and the Undiagnosed Diseases Program. Research genetic counselors at UAB are involved in every stage of cutting edge research.

Learn more about All of Us, CSER-SouthSeq, AGHI, and the UAB Undiagnosed Diseases Program.