Get Involved

Leading ForwardOur School – like you, the alumni that built our reputation for excellence – is multi-dimensional, collaborative and active.

Together, we are an involved community of alumni located around the world who find creative ways that capitalize on unique talents to give back to the School and in turn those that matter the most – our more than 2,000 students.

Go. Give. Serve.

Your SHP education is the foundation that built your future. Today, the place that helped build your future offers many ways for you to help build others’ future. We kindly ask you to go, give, and serve those who follow in the path you blazed.


Attend: Connect with fellow alumni and engage with students at any of our many events and activities offered year-round.

Visit: Whether you've been away 2 years or 22 years - campus has changed. Come see us to take a tour, visit a class and see what you have been missing.

Host: Breakfast with Blazers is a small group session of alumni and students. We provide the breakfast - you provide the expertise.


Time: Your time is your most valuable possession. We would love to work with you to find the best way to spend your time helping others.

Talent: You are successful for a reason - you have talent. We can help you share your talent with students through a guest lecture, a service occasion and more.

Treasure: We have many ways to give and countless giving opportunities for alumni who are ready to give a major gift and alumni who are ready to begin their legacy of gift giving.


Preceptor: Provide personal instruction, help launch a career, and build a long-term relationship as a student's preceptor.

Clinical Instructor: Practicing clinicians give invaluable personal training and supervision to our students of medicine.

Mentor: Think about your own mentors. This is a rewarding, lifelong commitent that benefits both you and your mentee.

Get Involved Today

Think about yourself for a moment - how many people have you impacted since you graduated? Now think about our students - how many people will they impact after graduation? How will your leadership guide their actions?

You are one click away from making a difference in the life of a student and the lives of everyone they impact in their career. Contact Amanda Sherman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 205-975-8415 to get involved today. And if you have good news to share - new address, new promotion, new job, etc. - please fill out our Update Your Information form.