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Staying Connected with SHP

Stay Connected GraphicOur relationship doesn't end at graduation. We are still here for you throughout your journey ahead and want to hear about all of the amazing things you are doing. We want your Blazer Spirit to continue to shine bright.

And we hope that you stay connected with the place that helped build your future and help us build others’ futures. One of the biggest ways you can do that is by staying connected.

Social Media

The easiest way to stay connected and make sure you don't miss a thing is via social media. We have robust networks that can update you on the latest news and happenings as well as connect you with alumni from each of our five departments.  

Get Involved

We offer a variety of opportunities for networking, professional development, giving back, and showing your support. Learn more about some of the options here.

Update Your Information

We send both email and hard copy mailings throughout the year. Not receiving these? Please fill out our Update Your Information form.

Why Stay Connected - Hear from Alumni

Not sure why you should stay connected? Well don't take our word for it, take the word of some of your fellow alumni:

Ever Faithful. Ever Loyal.


We spoke with alumni from a wide range of classes about the impact that UAB had on them while they were in school; the impact that UAB has had on them after school; and the impact they want to have on UAB and future generations of UAB students and alumni.

Lifelong Connections


Bob Chapman, a member of the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame Class of 2012, is the former president and CEO of Medical Center East and its successor, the Eastern Health Systems. He talks about what a small world health care is, and how beneficial it is to make lifelong connections like those he made at UAB.