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The culture at Child’sPlay is clear:

·         Treatment for patients is to be client-centered

o   Each will have an individualized case plan

·         Education is an ongoing process

o   Therapists will learn from one another and seek additional educational opportunities

·         Training the future generations of therapists is a priority

o   Learning comes full circle – through training students, practicing therapists learn too

Rachel Ashcraft (OT 2011) and Susan Jones (OT 2004), two therapists currently practicing at Child’sPlay, are perfect examples of the last bullet. Rachel and Susan met while Rachel was observing in an adult rehabilitation clinic where Susan was practicing. Susan served as Rachel’s supervisor. After several years in home health, skilled nursing and inpatient rehabilitation, Susan found herself looking to transition to pediatrics and knew that Child’sPlay was where she wanted to be. Now Rachel serves as Susan’s mentor at Child’sPlay.

This story, along with many others, is testament to Child’sPlay and the culture developed by Bailey: UAB graduates committing their time, talent and treasure to supporting each other, the UAB network and the future leaders in the fields of occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Bailey is devoted to encouraging her employees to commit to life-long learning and encourages them through providing resources to travel to conferences in their areas of interest. She also provides internal training at least three times per year for Child’sPlay team members.

“Kerri is an owner, a leader and a therapist,” said Brooke White (OT 1991). “This is something everyone is not fortunate enough to have as a boss. She understands the business side and the patient-care side of what we do and motivates us to help others grow and learn daily.”

UAB SHP alumni employed at Child’sPlay: Rachel Ashcraft, Kerri Bailey, Tori Beckham, Kapi Farrell, Michelle Henderson, Andrea Hunter, Cheryl Jackson, Susan Jones, Laura Lee, Keisha Patterson, Mary Scalisi, Laura Schertz, Janet Simon, Laura Vickers, Kelly Watson and Brooke White.