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IDS Templates

  • Sample Syllabi

    The School of Health Professions Academic Affairs Committee has created syllabus templates for undergraduate and graduate courses. The text in black must be used in all SHP syllabi. The text in red provide instructions, guidelines, or explanations for course directors to individualize the syllabus. Use this link to access the most current syllabus templates.Policies and Procedures (sharepoint.com).

  • Sample Rubrics
    The Rubrics Working Group of the School of Health Professions Academic Affairs Committee recently developed a rubric repository for your use as SHP faculty. The rubrics include best practices and are set up for you to download as a Word Doc so you can modify them as needed to fit your own lesson plans.

    • Group Discussion Reflections Rubric – Ensure students are writing clearly, utilizing higher order thinking skills, organizing text, and reflecting on knowledge and skills gained from class. Download the Group Discussion Reflection Rubric (Word Document).
    • Class Participation Rubric – Ensure students are engaged through insightful questions, meaningful comments, integrating class concepts, and participating in daily exercises. Download the Class Participation Rubric (Word Document).
    • Posting Participation Rubric – Ensure students are participating with the class material by measuring the frequency of participation, the quality of follow-up postings, content, references, and mechanics. Download the Posting Participation Rubric (Word Document).
    • Team Project Rubric – Ensure a team works well together to achieve objectives, including subject knowledge and a deliverable which offers new information to the audience. Download the Team Project Rubric (Word Document).
    • AAC&U Value Rubrics – The American Association of Colleges and Universities provides 16 rubrics to assess students’ own authentic work to determine whether and how well students are meeting graduation level achievement in learning outcomes that both employers and faculty consider essential. Visit the AAC&U website.
    • SHP Blank Template Rubric – For topics not covered. Modify and use as needed. Download the SHP Blank Template Rubric (Word Document).
  • Bloom's Taxonomy
    Bloom’s Taxonomy provides an important framework for teachers to use to focus on higher order thinking. By providing a hierarchy of levels, this taxonomy can assist teachers in designing performance tasks, crafting questions for conferring with students, and providing feedback on student work.

UAB Custom Templates

Looking for a UAB PPT template? Need a custom certificate? Want new research poster templates? The UAB Brand and Communication Toolkit has all of this and more in their "Downloads" section.

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