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Who are our graduates?

They are some of the brightest leaders across the U.S. They are people like you who wish to engage in a rigorous course of study while retaining work and life responsibilities. They are people like you who wish to continue a practice-focused career rather than the academic career sought by most PhD students.

What are they saying?

100% of graduates who rated our program, rated their overall education experience as ‘excellent.’


  • “This degree is the best return on investment for an executive with an MHA.”

    John McWhorter, Health System COO (DSc Alumnus, 2012)

  • “I believe it to be an excellent learning experience that improved my ability to make evidence-based decisions.”

    Joseph Webb, Hospital CEO (DSc Alumnus, 2013)

  • “The DSc credentials allow me as a physician to be considered for administrative health system posts. These same credentials allow my voice to be heard around the board table.”

    Thomas Hunt, III, MD, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery (DSc Alumnus, 2014)