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Benefits to You as a Leader

  • Increase your value to your organization.
  • Open new doors to advancement.
  • Obtain advanced problem-solving skills and depth of knowledge in areas vital to healthcare leaders.
  • Network with healthcare leaders from across the country.
  • Develop highly refined organizational leadership skills more advanced than you will find in a master's degree program.


Benefits to Your Organization

  • Convenience
    Students can continue in their executive roles throughout the program, remaining productive leaders for their organizations while engaging in an advanced educational experience.
  • Problem-Solving
    The program prepares leaders to apply sophisticated analytical skills to solve problems within their organizations and to develop managerial recommendations based on the application of course principles and concepts. Applied research is supervised by our faculty, some of the top experts in the healthcare field.
  • Investment
    Investing in executive doctoral education for its leaders is an investment in the future success of the organization. The program enriches the skills of senior leaders to better demonstrate the depth of knowledge in a variety of functional areas, plan strategically from a system-wide perspective, conduct applied research, and utilize evidence-based practices to make management decisions.
  • Leadership
    Developing leadership skills specifically targeted to your healthcare organization is a primary objective of this program. UAB has a history of producing leaders who are respected on both a national and international level. Our alumni have received numerous awards from professional associations such as the American College of Healthcare Executives for their leadership in the field.