The Center for Health Informatics for Patient Safety/Quality (CHIPS/Q) is designed to develop and market Health Information Technology (HIT) workforce training and education programs for individuals and healthcare delivery systems. The center provides expert assistance to healthcare organizations and medical groups interested in using Health Informatics and Health IT applications to improve patient safety and healthcare quality. In addition, the Center provides support for individuals interested in conducting mixed methods and qualitative research.

Programs and Initiatives

CHIPS/Q provides educational and support/consultation services in health informatics and health IT in general, and in the areas of clinical decision support, electronic health records, and ICD-10. Available continuing education courses in health informatics and health IT include:

Research Support

  • MMQRE: The Mixed Methods and Qualitative Research and Evaluation (MMQRE) unit provides a variety of services to support mixed methods and qualitative research projects. In addition to providing analytic services for qualitative data, MMQRE also provides assistance with research design and proposal writing, as well as consultation on qualitative and mixed methods data collection.

Continuing Education

  • AMIA 10x10: This course is offered through a partnership with the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). This course can also be used by students pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Informatics or Master of Science in Health Informatics course. Learn more about the AMIA 10x10 course.

eta berner


In addition to being director of the CHIPS/Q, Dr. Berner teaches in UAB’s Health Informatics Programs. Her research activities include evaluation of health informatics and health services interventions. She is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, and the International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics.

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