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Students in the undergraduate Health Care Management Program complete both core degree requirements and major/ professional curriculum requirements.

  1. The core curriculum enables students to learn about ethnic, cultural, and social groups other than their own.
  2. Through the Health Care Management curriculum, students develop leadership fundamentals, communication skills, global perspectives strategic planning, quality management, ethical and legal issues, acquire knowledge, and enhance cognitive skills that they apply in the professional curriculum and in their careers. Students develop their ability to acquire and evaluate new knowledge and perspectives critically and to communicate their ideas to others effectively. Exposure to diversity in the academic setting enhances performance in a multicultural work setting.
  3. Graduates should demonstrate achievement of the following professional curriculum goals:
    • Communicate effectively in speaking and writing
    • Solve problems by generating, evaluating, and selecting alternative solutions
    • Acquire and synthesize knowledge from diverse sources
    • Apply various analytical tools
    • Pursue knowledge throughout their careers as lifetime learners
    • Demonstrate ethical reasoning by analyzing, evaluating, and defending ethical decisions
    • Analyze and assess own leadership skills and abilities, referencing theory and principles

View the Health Care Management curriculum information in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and the four-year plan.

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