Nutrition Sciences students solving an equation.

The Undergraduate Minor in Nutrition Sciences requires that students successfully complete a total of 18 semester hours of coursework, as outlined below. These 18 semester hours comprise 15 semester hours of required courses and an additional 3 semester hours of an approved elective course. All courses in the Minor in Nutrition Sciences are offered online only.

Please note that NTR 222: Nutrition and Health is a required prerequisite for all other courses and therefore must be taken before declaring a minor or taking the other courses offered. Declaring a Minor in Nutrition Sciences is done through BlazerNet.


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Required Courses

  • NTR 222: Nutrition and Health - offered Fall, Spring, Summer terms
  • NTR 232: Lifecycle Nutrition - offered Fall term
  • NTR 320: Nutrition and the Consumer - offered Spring term
  • NTR 330: Nutrition and Metabolism - offered Spring term
  • NTR 420: Nutrition Genetics - offered Fall term

Elective Courses

  • *NTR 421: Nutrition Assessment and the Nutrition Care Process - offered Spring term
  • ANTH 319: Food and Culture
  • PE 405: Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • HE 222: Concepts of Health and Fitness

*Please note that, in addition to the Required Courses listed, NTR 421: Nutrition Assessment and the Nutrition Care Process is an admissions requirement for the MS in Nutrition Sciences, Dietitian Education track.