I handle the HR aspect for the department; you name it and I think I've done it or could figure it out!  I love that it is never dull around here; there is always something to do.

I'm a certified NRA Home Firearm Safety and Pistol Instructor and a member SASS - Single Action Shooting Society. When I'm not here taking care of all these nutrition scientists, I'm at Brock's Gap Training Center teaching a NRA class. Or if it's the 4th Sunday of the month I'm Cowboy Action Shooting with the Ole York Shootists. Yup, mama wears side arms. So you should not be surprised that my favorite movies are anything with John Wayne in it (he also reminds me of my dad) and that my favorite TV shows are cop shows like NCIS, CSI.

I was born in Fontana California in the good ole USA.  Moved back to Alabama - won't tell you how many years ago that was but trust me when I say I'm an Alabama girl to my toes. I spend a lot of my time with my grandbabies in the afternoons.  I reserve weekends for shooting and the occasional date