Lego Procedural Social Distancing copyDuring this unprecedented time, we are writing to update you and to ask for your continued partnership. As we begin transitioning to more on-site simulation activity in the UAB Clinical Simulation/Office of Interprofessional Simulation for Innovative Clinical (OIPS) center, our primary goal is the safety of our staff, our learners, and our patients.

Webinar Series May 20 2020On May 20, Marjorie Lee White, MD, MA, MPPM participated in a webinar hosted by the Center for Medical Simulation, Boston, Massachusetts. The panel of experts discussed making an impact through developing simulation related solutions to real clinical problems with the partners we serve.

MedEd MomentsUAB Clinical Simulation is pleased to share an educational offering created in collaboration with the UAB Division of Medicine.

BHS Online SimulationWhen in-person classes were canceled following the Covid-19 pandemic, inspired by Tele-Health, we rapidly converted BHS 610 Clinical Application and Simulation to a virtual platform. We were able to deliver a similar learning experience with online simulation utilizing Zoom.

ResourcesMany of us are currently faced with the challenge of transitioning our healthcare simulation sessions to an online environment. Colleagues from every healthcare profession around the country and around the world are facing the same issue. I would like to highlight four of these best practices that will help us when we deliver our simulation courses online.

KognitoKognito, a virtual simulation company, is offering selected modules focusing on communication free of charge through April 30th.