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A female black student working in a lab. Every year the UAB School of Public Health has the opportunity to select one graduating undergraduate, MPH, MS, MSPH, DrPH, and PhD student to receive Outstanding Student awards. Based on nominations made by faculty members, selections are made by the Admissions & Graduation Committee.

Eligibility and Nomination Process

Students from any School of Public Health degree program who will graduate in the Fall and Spring semester of the current academic year, or who graduated in the previous summer semester.

Nominations for Outstanding Student are submitted by SOPH faculty members. Faculty should use the following listing as a format for their letter:

Awards are announced each year at the Spring Graduation Celebration.

  • Scholarship, i.e., GPA and any scholastic awards received
  • Leadership (provide examples)
  • Publications and/or contributions to the literature
  • Community service
  • Overall contributions to the field of public health and to UAB School of Public Health

A resume from the student should also be included in nomination package. All nomination packages will be reviewed by A&G along with student transcripts.


  • 2021-2024


    • Undergraduate: Marvin Ha
    • MPH: Andrea Johnson
    • MSPH: Justin Catt
    • PhD: Nora Balas


    • Undergraduate: Vani Mittal
    • MPH: Rose Albert
    • MSPH: Haritha Jalapu
    • DrPH: Brittany Shelton
    • PhD: Julianna Bailey


    • Undergraduate: Abby Pearman
    • MPH: Emma Kate Sellers
    • MS: Rachel Stuckwisch
    • DrPH: Heather Johnson
  • 2011-2020


    • Undergraduate: Lindsey Ferraro
    • MPH: Joseph (Ryan) Buckman
    • DrPH: Anna Helova
    • PhD: Karen Musgrove


    • Undergraduate: Ashlyn Murrell
    • MPH: Haley Greene, Epidemiology
    • MS: Andrew Sims, Biosatistics
    • MSPH: Nora Balas, Applied Epidemiology
    • PhD: Anastasia Hartzes, Biosatistics


    • Undergraduate: Jared Sluss
    • MPH: Brenna Hogan, Environmental Health Sciences/Industrial Hygiene
    • MSPH: Calvin Colvin, Applied Epidemiology
    • DrPH: Monica Aswani, Health Care Organization and Policy
    • PhD: Sherri Davidson, Epidemiology


    • Undergraduate: Angela Monahan
    • Masters: Matthew Moore, Health Care Organization and Policy
    • Doctoral: John Booth III, Epidemiology


    • Undergraduate: Elissa Finney
    • Masters: Katherine Hymel, Health Behavior
    • Doctoral: Lisandro Colantonio, Epidemiology


    • Undergraduate: Aarin Palomares
    • Masters: Aly Padilla, Epidemiology
    • Doctoral: Gabriel Tajeu, Health Care Organization and Policy


    • Masters: Sadhvi Batra, Health Behavior
    • Doctoral: Matthew Loop, Biostatistics


    • Masters: Samantha Connell, Environmental Health Sciences
    • Doctoral: Evan Floyd, Environmental Health Sciences


    • Masters: Molly Bernhard, Environmental Health Sciences
    • Doctoral: Emily Vogtmann, Epidemiology


    • Masters: Divvy Upadhyay, Health Care Organization and Policy
    • Doctoral: Valerie Yeager, Health Care Organization and Policy


    • Masters: Taylor Poston, Environmental Health Sciences
    • Doctoral: Adrienne King, Environmental Health Sciences
  • 2003-2010


    • Masters: Naomi Chen, Health Behavior
    • Doctoral: Faisal M. Shuaib, Epidemiology/International Health


    • Masters: John Bentley, Biostatistics
    • Doctoral: Isabel Garces, Maternal and Child Health


    • Masters: Melinda Merrell, Health Behavior
    • Doctoral: Naveed Janjua Zafar, Epidemiology


    • Masters: Rozalyn Farmer-Love, Maternal and Child Health
    • Doctoral: Chengbin Wang, Epidemiology


    • Masters: Janeen Burlison, Maternal and Child Health
    • Doctoral: Hongqiao Zhang, Environmental Health Sciences


    • Masters: Lesley Magnussen, Epidemiology/International Health
    • Doctoral: Muktar Aliyu, Epidemiology/International Health


    • Masters: Maziar Abdolrasulnia, Health Care Organization and Policy
    • Doctoral: Isis Mikhail, Epidemiology/International Health


    • Masters: Yoko Kawamura, Health Behavior
    • Doctoral: Lucy Annang, Health Behavior

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