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View recent seminars and other short videos from the UAB School of Public Health. The Public Health Lectureships consist of lectures designed to raise awareness of public health issues and introduce our audience to emerging ideas from leading experts in the areas of statistics, public health practice, scientific investigation, family and child health, and behavioral health.

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Student, Alumni, and Faculty Videos

Get to know our students, faculty and alumni and their interests in public health research, practice, and service.


Public Health Practice Seminar Series

View recent seminars, lectureships, and other short videos from the UAB School of Public Health. 

UAB SOPH Public Service Announcements

Messages created by the UAB SOPH to raise awareness of public health issues in our community.

Epidemiology Seminar Series

Brings together the academic community by sharing diverse epidemiological research.


McMillan Lectureship

The Ann Dial McMillan Endowed Lectureship in Family and Child Health is a unique interdisciplinary lectureship designed to tap into and promote public health breakthroughs relevant to family and children's health.

Samuelson Lectureship

To recognize her courage, tenacity, and leadership in promoting quality health and educational services to the public, in 2002 her friends and colleagues established the Carole W. Samuelson Endowed Lectureship in Public Health Practice at the UAB School of Public Health.

Glenwood Lectureship

The Glenwood Endowed Lectureship began in 2005 as a collaboration between Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center and the UAB School of Public Health. The lectureship focuses on the health impacts of, and care responses to, behavioral health disorders such as autism.

Norwood Lectureship

The Janet L. Norwood Lecture is delivered by the winner of the Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences.

Distinguished Alumni Investigator Lecture

The Distinguished Alumni Investigator Lecture is delivered by the recipient of the annual Alumni Award for Scientific Excellence. This award recognizes an alum substantially involved in public health research and whose work reflects a commitment to improving population health.

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