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The Carole W. Samuelson Lecture focuses on public health practice. Past lectures have been on the politics of lead poisoning, the decline of the public health infrastructure, and impacts of public health studies on the general population, to name a few.

To recognize her courage, tenacity, and leadership in promoting quality health and educational services to the public, friends and colleagues of Samuelson established the Carole W. Samuelson Endowed Lectureship in Public Health Practice in 2002 at the UAB School of Public Health.

This endowed lectureship honors Dr. Samuelson for her outstanding service through years of devoted commitment to the Jefferson County Department of Health as well as many other community and statewide organizations interested in providing quality health care. Throughout her professional and community activities, Samuelson led with diligence and innovation while always placing the public first. This lectureship was created to honor her passion for excellence as well as to continue her tradition of intellectual innovation and community involvement.

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Past Lectureships

    • 2024: Dr. Rahul Gupta, MPH
    • 2022: Lisa M. Koonin, DrPH
    • 2021: Dr. John Wiesman, MPH
    • 2020: Dr. Thomas LaVeist
    • 2019: Dr. George Luber
    • 2018: Alan Weil
    • 2017: Jennifer Bradley, JD
    • 2017: Noam N. Levey
    • 2015: Bruce Katz
    • 2013: Majora Carter
    • 2010: Patrick Coughlin
    • 2009: Dr. Mindi Fullilov
    • 2008: Dennis Love 
    • 2007: Steven B. Johnson
    • 2006: Dr. Lisa Berkman
    • 2005: Dr. Gloria Feldt 
    • 2004: Dr. Ronald Glasser
    • 2003: Dr. David Rosner

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