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Throughout Blazer Welcome, UAB units and student organizations are encouraged to provide programming and resources in the following areas that target the associated learning outcomes. University departments and student organizations can submit programs and events that take place within the first four weeks and align with one or more of the learning outcomes. Submissions for Fall 2023 will open soon on Engage on May 1, 2023.

2023 Blazer Welcome Event Submission

Please note, this submission form will not be live until 5/1/23


As a result of participating in the Blazer Welcome initiative, student will be able to do one or more of the following:

Academic Engagement

  1. Know how to explore majors that align with their career goals
  2. Identify where they can go for academic support on campus
  3. Increase their integration into UAB’s academic community

Campus Connections

  1. Establish relationships with other students, faculty and staff
  2. Identify opportunities to get involved on campus
  3. Identify appropriate offices and resources to be utilized for assistance and support

Community Engagement

  1. Identify and engage in volunteer opportunities
  2. Recall how volunteer actions benefit individuals and/or the community

Personal Wellness

  1. Understand the types of individual behaviors that contribute to a health promoting community
  2. Practice critical thinking when making decisions that promote healthy living and reduce high risk behaviors

Inclusive Community

  1. Recognize the contribution diversity brings to campus
  2. Explore their own identity and culture
  3. Engage in discussions to understand the experiences of others across differences