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Ask A Blazer

Got a Question? Ask a Blazer! was started in the fall of 2012 by a group of students who saw a need for new students at UAB requiring assistance in navigating the campus on their first days of classes. Over the years, the Divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have carried on this initiative in an effort to provide students with easy access to the support and guidance needed during the first two days of classes. Better known as Ask a Blazer!, this program gives returning students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to volunteer to support our new students during the first two days of classes.


  • Ask A Blazer tent locations!

    This image illustrates the 5 tent locations for the Ask a Blazer initiative. Tents will be stationed on the North Green, South Green, Mini Park East, Mini Park West, and inside the Hill Student Center in the Performance Lounge on the southwest side of the building.

    New Students

    If you’re having trouble finding your way around campus during the first two days of class - Ask a Blazer! Download this helpful map of campus to have a quick reference of building abbreviations and the locations of commonly used buildings and offices.

    Assistance will be avaiable at these times and locations:

    • Monday, August 21, 2023 | 7:30am-5:30pm
      • Hill Student Center Performance Lounge (outside of One Stop Student Services)
      • Mini Park (Corner of University Blvd. and 14th St. S)
      • Campus Green North
      • Campus Green-South (closes at 3:30pm)
      • Sterne Library (13th St. S side)
    • Tuesday, August 22, 2023 | 7:30am-5:30pm
      • Hill Student Center Performance Lounge (outside of One Stop Student Services)
      • Mini Park (corner of University Blvd. and 14th St. S)
      • Campus Green-North
      • Campus Green-South (closes at 3:30pm)
      • Sterne Library (13th St. S side)
  • Volunteers

      • Sign up to participate in Ask a Blazer! by completing the form below:


      • Volunteers can wear whatever they like (just no outside university apparel please!). Be sure to wear your Ask a Blazer! Button, which will be provided at each tent. And wear your button wherever you go on campus during the first week of classes!
      • Volunteers should plan to arrive a few minutes early to provide time for instructions and notes from the volunteer working the prior shift. Please do not leave until the person scheduled to work after you has arrived. Call 205-934-8020 to report if a person is late or has not shown up.
      • Answer as many questions as possible utilizing your knowledge, the resources provided, and call 205-934-8020 if you don’t know the answer. Do not answer questions you do not know the answer to.
      • If you are unable to report for your shift, please call the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership at 205-934-8020
      • Refer students with questions about registration, financial aid, and tuition payments to the One Stop Student Services Office on the first floor of the Hill Student Center.


    First Day of Class FAQs

    Refer all questions regarding financial aid/scholarships and registration to the One Stop or call 205-934-4300. Please do not send students directly to the Financial Aid Office or Registrar’s Office.

    Remember to call 205-934-8020 to reach a Got A Question? Ask A Blazer! Committee Member if there are questions you can’t answer.

    • 1. I need to buy books/supplies. Where do I go?

      UAB Bookstore located in the Hill Student Center.

      2. How do I know what books I need?

      Log in to your BlazerNet account and look at your course schedule. You can see what textbooks you need for each course there. Alternatively, you can show a copy of your course schedule to a staff member in the UAB Bookstore and they will know what books you need based on the classes you are taking.

      3. I need to buy a sweatshirt/umbrella/etc. Where can I do that?

      UAB Bookstore

      4. I need to make copies of something. How/where can I do that?

      The Sterne Library has copying facilities, plus there are numerous ePrint devices located around campus for cloud-based printing (see uab.edu/eprint for locations). You can use your Blazer Bucks to pay for copies.

    • 1. How do I find out where and when my classes are meeting?

      Your class format and further information is located on the university course schedule available online. Look for your class and section. The information about time, location, etc. will be available for you to see there for each of your classes.

      2. I’m not sure I registered for the correct class. Where do I go for help or to see my advisor?

      You need to see your advisor and you can find your advisor and his/her contact info in your BlazerNET account.

      3. I need to add/drop/change a class. What do I do? Where do I go?

      You can complete this request through your BlazerNet site. Just log in and go to Registration link at the top of the page. From there, you will be able to make changes to your schedule. Please note that if you have a hold on your account that prohibits registration, you will need to correct the hold before you can change your schedule. Additionally, you might be required to provide a RAC code to register for classes. If you see that message, you will need to contact your advisor to get the code.

      4. Are laptops allowed in class?

      That is determined by individual professors. Read the syllabus for each class to see if the policy is in the syllabus. If you don’t find it in the syllabus, ask your professor.

      5. I registered for a class but the professor didn’t have my name on the roster. What do I do?

      Go to your advisor and have him/her check to see that you went to the correct class/section/location. If so, your advisor will be able to make computer adjustments/arrangements with the registrar to ensure you are on the roster.

    • 1. Is Green Springs Avenue the same as University Boulevard?


      2. Is University Boulevard the same thing as 8th Avenue?


      3. Where can I get a map?

      A GPS-enabled map is available (FREE!) on the UAB Mobile App for both Apple and Android. Make sure to download it now so that you can find all your classroom buildings in the shortest route possible! You can also find a PDF of a campus map (including building abbreviations) here.

      4. Where can I find a specific building on campus?

      See the printed map for assistance.

      5. What does this building or class abbreviation stand for?

      See the printed map for assistance.

      6. Where is an ATM?

      There is a Regions ATM on the first floor of the Hill Student Center.

      7. Where can I go to pray?

      There is a multi-faith prayer room in the Sterne Library on the second floor.

      8. Where is there a lactation room on campus?

      You can find an updated list of lactation centers on campus at https://www.uab.edu/dei/women/resources/lactation-resources

    • 1. I lost my student ID. What do I do? Where can I get a new one?

      Go to the One Stop in the Hill Student Center. They can replace it. ($25 replacement fee).

      2. I need to turn in my immunization form. Where do I do that?

      You should have received an email at your UAB email address telling you how to upload your immunization records. You cannot turn in immunization records in person – everything will be submitted electronically. Get more details at www.uab.edu/newstudentshots.

      3. I need to turn in my final high school transcript. Where do I do that?

      Transcripts must be either mailed or sent electronically to UAB by your high school. Faxed or hand delivered copies are not considered official and will not be accepted. Mailed transcripts should be sent to:

      UAB Undergraduate Admissions
      Box 99
      1720 2nd Ave. S
      Birmingham, AL 35294-4600

      Electronic transcripts should be sent to:

      UAB Undergraduate Admissions under the “Send to a College” option (Applicants should not request transcripts to be sent electronically to an individual unless it is for purposes other than admission).

      4. My insurance company needs proof that I’m in school (enrollment verification). Where do I get that?

      You can order it online through BlazerNet, or go into the One Stop office located in the Hill Student Center to have one printed.

    • 1. Where can I spend my dining dollars?

      You can use your Dining Dollars at any UAB campus restaurant location: www.uab.edu/dining.

      2. I need to change my meal plan. What do I do?

      You can change your meal plan at www.uab.edu/edu/dining. If you want or need to do that, you must do it within the first seven (7) calendar days of the semester.

      3. Where can I get something to eat/drink on campus?

      For a full list of campus dining restaurants and their hours of operation, visit the Campus Dining Website at www.uab.edu/dining.

      4. What are dining facility hours?

      Different places have different hours. Go to www.uab.edu/dining to see all the locations on a map and find the hours for each location.

      5. I need to add money to my Blazer Bucks account. What do I do? Where do I go?

      You can do this on-line at www.uab.edu/blazerbucks using a credit or debit card.

      6. I lost my student ID. What about the money/meal plan I have on it. Can someone use it?

      If you lose your card, immediately visit www.uab.edu/blazerbucks where you can freeze your accounts. If you subsequently find your card, you can go back into website to UN-freeze your account.

      7. I don’t know if I’ll have enough money for food this semester. Are there any resources on campus?

      The Blazer Kitchen at Hill Student Center provides any UAB students experiencing financial need and/or food insecurity with perishable and non-perishable food, personal hygiene items, and school supplies. Any enrolled UAB student has access to Blazer Kitchen at Hill Student Center, suite 303 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, except when the University is closed. Enrolled students just need to bring a reusable bag and their ONE Card.

    • 1. I’m not feeling well. Where do I go?

      Student Health Services is located in the Learning Resource Center. The entrance is on 9th Avenue across from Gold Hall. See map in the UAB App for location.

      2. I’m feeling homesick and isolated. Is there anyone I can talk to?

      On-campus residents are encouraged to speak with their resident assistant (RA) if they’re feeling lonely or isolated. Both on and off-campus students can reference UAB’s online involvement platform, Engage (uab.campuslabs.com/engage) for a list of campus events and student organizations. If any student needs to talk with a professional counselor, they can do so by making an appointment with Student Counseling Services by calling (205) 934-5816 or emailing counseling@uab.edu.

      3. I’m struggling to get along with my roommate. What do I do?

      Talk to your Resident Assistant (RA) first! If you need additional assistance, your Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) who is in charge of your building can also help. Room change week is usually the second week of classes. Residents requesting a room change will need to attend a mandatory room change meeting at some point that week. Meeting time/dates and locations will be posted throughout the residence halls and sent to them in an e-mail.

    • 1. What are Sterne Library’s hours?

      Hours for Sterne Library and other campus buildings will likely be adjusted due to COVID-19. For current building hours, check the Library’s website or the door of the building you are seeking admission to enter.

      2. How do I access Wi-Fi on campus?

      When attempting to connect to the Wifi, connect to the UABStartHere network and run the QuickConnect application. If the QuickConnect application does not work, then connect manually or stop by our walkup location. More information for the wifi can be found at www.uab.edu/wifi. Ask IT is located on the First Floor of Sterne Library near/at the circulation desk 7 days a week.

      3. How do I access the internet?

      Log on with your Blazer ID and password.

      4. What is BlazerNet?

      BlazerNET is UAB’s intra-net system; it’s the way nearly everything will be communicated to you about classes, bills, services and programs at UAB.

    • 1. Where can I get a parking pass?

      You may apply for a parking pass (hang tag) at www.uab.edu/transportation. All parking passes should be ordered online unless you require an ADA or carpool pass. Then you should order a pass in person at the Transportation office at 608 8th St S, 205-934-3513 – see map for location. If the Parking Office tells you that you need a new ONE Card (not a Campus Card) to order a parking pass, the One Stop will make a ONE Card for you for free.

      2. Did I park in the correct lot?

      You should park ONLY in the zone or lot for the pass that you purchased. Parking in a zone other than your purchased zone will result in a parking ticket being issued. For a map of all the student parking zones (lots and decks) click here.

      3. I have to go to across campus but I don’t want to move my car. Is there a bus I can take?

      Yes. The Blazer Express bus system. You can find routes, stops, and track the buses online at www.uab.edu/blazerexpress. You can also download the Blazer Express app (DoubleMap app) to your Android or iPhone (select UAB in the DoubleMap app dropdown menu).

      4. I got a UAB parking ticket. What do I do?

      Follow the directions on the ticket to pay or appeal the ticket. Contact Parking & Transportation Services for questions (UABParking@uab.edu, 934-3513, uab.edu/parking)

      5. My car battery is dead/I locked my keys in my car. Can someone help me?

      Call MARS – Motorist Assisted Roadside Service at 975-MARS (205-975-6277) if you are on-campus.

      6. I'm not able to get into a building. Why?

      Some buildings may have restricted access or limited hours. You may need to use your ONE card to access the building. Please note that you do not have access to every building on campus. If you are not able to access a building, please visit www.uab.edu/physical-security-office to contact the Physical Security Office.

    • 1. Where do I go to join a club or get involved on campus?

      UAB has over 400 student organizations. A full list of student organizations and student events can be found on UAB’s online involvement platform, Engage. Not sure where to start? Try meeting with one of the UAB pathfinders, UAB’s involvement mentors! Stop by the Student Involvement & Leadership Office in room 230 of the Hill Student Center to connect with a Pathfinder.

      2. Is there an athletic event I can go to this weekend (baseball/soccer/volleyball/etc)?

      Check the athletic website at www.uabsports.com to see schedules for all the teams and GO BLAZERS! You can also utilize UAB’s mobile app for iPhone and Android to find out what is scheduled.

      3. What is there to do on campus this week? (free movie, lecture, free food, concert, etc)

      The first four weeks of the semester is the best time to explore all the events and activities that UAB has to offer. Visit the Blazer Welcome website for a comprehensive schedule of programs events during the first four weeks of classes.

      4. Do I need to buy tickets for UAB athletic events?

      Each student receives free entry to home athletic events by showing your ONE Card at the gate. Some events (like men’s basketball) have limited seating. Tickets can be picked up in advance at Bartow Arena.

      6. I have some down time between my classes. Where can I go to hang out?

      The Hill Student Center has tables, chairs, and soft seating across all 4 floors of the building. Additionally, Sterne Library has quiet spaces available for studying that are first come first serve.

      7. When is the Welcome Back Concert? How do I get tickets?

      The Division of Student Affairs hosts a Welcome Back Concert that is free to UAB students with their UAB OneCard. This year’s concert will take place on Saturday, August 26th on the Campus Green. Gates will open at 4:30pm on the south side of the Campus Green. Tickets will not be available at the gate and should be picked up in advance. Bring your UAB ONECard to one of the pickup locations to receive your ticket. For additional information about the Welcome Back Concert, visit Engage.

      • Monday, August 14th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Tuesday, August 15th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Wednesday, August 16th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Thursday, August 17th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Friday, August 18th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Sunday, August 20th | 4pm-7pm | Connect Fest on the Campus Green
      • Monday, August 21st | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Tuesday, August 22nd | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Wednesday, August 23rd | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Thursday, August 24th| 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
      • Friday, August 25th | 10am-4:30pm | Student Involvement & Leadership Office (Hill Student Center, Room 230)
    • 1. Where do I go with Financial Aid/Scholarship questions?

      The One Stop Student Services located on the first floor of the Hill Student Center

      2. How do I choose a payment plan?

      If you do not pay 100% of your account balance by the first payment deadline (about a week before classes start), you will automatically be enrolled in the Blazer Flex Plan which charges a $25 enrollment fee and divides your payments into 3 equal payments. Visit www.uab.edu/academiccalendar for deadlines.

      3. I’m looking for a job. Who can help me with that?

      The Career Center in the Hill Student Center. Students can also register on UAB’s job search platform, Handshake, for more information or to look for a job.

      4. I received a scholarship from an organization outside UAB. Do I need to tell someone at UAB?

      You need to add this information to your Resource Form located in the Financial Aid tab of your BlazerNet account. You can also have any outside scholarship resources mailed directly to UAB. Make sure the donor includes your FULL NAME and your BLAZER ID with the check or funds. Have the donor mail the check and recipient information to:

      Office of Undergraduate Scholarships
      ATTN: 936 Building
      The University of Alabama at Birmingham
      1720 2nd Avenue South
      Birmingham, AL 35294-0013

    • 1. Time management with online learning

      Students can read some tips and watch a video here.

      2. Be aware of free Wifi spots, like the one listed here:

      WiFi spots


      3. How do you download Zoom through UAB?

      When you click a Zoom link provided to you, it will open in a web browser and install the application at that point. If you want to download the app now, please go to the eLearning Zoom webpage.

      4. I’ve never used Zoom. Do you have any resources for me?