• How much is the SHIP?

      The annual premium for the plan is $2772.00($231.00 monthly). The premium for the semester of enrollment will be automatically charged to the student’s account. If the student has private coverage, a waiver must be submitted. For more information regarding the waiver, select HERE.

      Mandatory Plan

      Rates Annual
      6/1/22 to 8/14/23
      8/15/22 to 12/31/22
      1/1/23 to 4/30/23
      1/1/23 to 8/14/23
      5/1/23 to 8/14/23
      Student $2,772.00 $1,056.00 $911.00 $1,716.00 $805.00
      Spouse $12,240.00 $4,661.00 $4,024.00 $7,579.00 $3,555.00
      One Child $12,240.00 $4,661.00 $4,024.00 $7,579.00 $3,555.00
    • Is there optional coverage available if I am not a required student?

      Yes. There is optional coverage available for those who do not meet the eligibility criteria. This coverage has an annual premium as follows:

      Optional Plan

      [ Coming Soon ]

      Students must meet the following criteria to enroll in the optional coverage:
      Undergraduate – enrolled in a degree seeking program and registered for 6 or more credit hours
      Graduate – enrolled in a degree seeking program and registered for 3 or more credit hours

    • Where can I use the SHIP? Does my provider have to be in a network?
      While in Birmingham, AL, for all Primary Care, you must use UAB Student Health Services. From there, you can receive referrals as needed. Outside of the Birmingham area, you can use your insurance anywhere. However, in network providers and facilities have agreed to provide their services at a discounted rate. This usually means that you will save money on your out of pocket cost for those healthcare services. You can see any provider in or out of Network, but in network coinsurance and copayments favor using preferred providers. Your insurance plan includes a large national preferred provider network whether you are on campus, at home or traveling during spring break, you will likely find preferred providers when and where you need them.
    • How do I update my personal information/change the mailing address I have on file with United HealthCare?
      You can change your information two ways:

      Go to the UHCSR site: uhcsr.com/uab
      • Log into your My Account page
      • Click on the “edit” link in the My Personal Information box on the right
      • Update your information (mailing address, phone number, email, etc.)
      Call Customer Service toll-free at-1-800-767-0700 and a customer service agent can update your account for you.
    • Where can I see an overview of the SHIP?
      Students can access all plan materials, ancillary products, pharmacy, and provider listing at the University of Alabama – Birmingham website at uhcsr.com/uab
    • Does the plan include dental, vision, and pharmacy coverage?
      The plan covers pediatric dental and vision coverage for insured up to age 19. Find the most convenient participating pharmacy by clicking Find Pharmacy on University of Alabama – Birmingham insurance page at uhcsr.com/uab. You may also locate participating pharmacies within MyAccount and the UHCSR app. App Store and Play Store
    • How do I read an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?
      Find instructions on reading an EOB HERE
    • Why do I need to “enroll” when I have already paid for the Student Health Insurance Plan?
      This process is simply confirming your enrollment with UnitedHealthcare prior to the end of the Enrollment/Change period. If you want to access your account/add dependents/print off your card during the Enrollment/Change period you must first tell UnitedHealthcare that you aren’t opting out.
    • Can I enroll if I have a life event that causes me to lose my private coverage?

      If you experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) (e.g. loss of health insurance coverage, no longer eligible on your parent’s health insurance, marriage, etc.) during the plan year, you can enroll in the University of Alabama – Birmingham health insurance for the remainder of the current coverage period. A QLE is required for primary insureds and dependents to be eligible to enroll in the school health insurance plan at a time outside of the enrollment period. Enrollment in the plan must occur within 30 days of the QLE. Premiums are not pro-rated.

      Waiver Enrollment Students: Upon approval of the QLE request, you will automatically be enrolled in the school-sponsored student health insurance and the premium billed to your student account.

      FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call 1-800-767-0700 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The QLE can be found at uab.edu/student/health. Contact Student Health Services for additional questions.

    • What is an extension of coverage?
      Non-graduating students who were assessed the Student Health Insurance Fee and had the coverage during the previous semester (e.g. Spring), but are not registering during the current semester (e.g. Summer) are eligible to extend their insurance for that unregistered semester only. This means that after one semester of extended coverage in a non-registered semester, you will not be able to extend again without an intervening registered semester. For most students extensions are used to extend coverage through the Summer semester.
    • What is a continuation? How is it different from an extension?
      Continuations are only available to students who have graduated. This differs from extensions, which are used to provide coverage during a temporary, one-semester absence from on-campus registration (e.g. summer). Continuations are purchased directly from UnitedHealthcare and can extend coverage up to 90 days after the last day of the semester in which the student has graduated.
    • What pharmacy can I use to fill my prescription?
      Find the most convenient participating pharmacy by clicking Find Pharmacy on University of Alabama – Birmingham insurance page at uhcsr.com/uab. You may also locate participating pharmacies within MyAccount and the UHCSR app. App Store and Play Store
    • My claim was denied, and I want to know why. Where can I get more information?
      Most claims will be automatically filed by your healthcare provider as discussed above. Because claims are processed by United Healthcare, you must call them toll-free at-1-800-767-0700 for final explanations of payment/denial.

      In the event that you are required to file a claim yourself (reimbursement for out-of-pocket charges from approved facilities, e.g. vaccinations or birth control) you should:
      • Find your “SRID number” at the top of your insurance ID card
      • Write that SRID number clearly on the receipt for your vaccination/birth control/etc. charges
      • Send the receipt with SRID number to: Unitedhealthcare StudentResources, PO BOX 809025, Dallas, Texas, 75380-9025
      If your healthcare provider is filing your claim electronically, they should use payer number 74227.
    • Will I be sent an insurance card from United Healthcare?
      When you are enrolled for the insurance, an email will be sent asking you to create your MyAccount profile.

      Once you have completed this step you will be able to view a digital copy and or request a paper ID card.

      You may also access your id card at any time via the UHCSR app. The UHCSR app will even allow you to email or fax your ID card to your provider. The UHCSR App is available in App Store, Play Store.
    • How long is the card good for?
      The card is good for the length of the academic year. Each academic year you will need to print out a new card.
    • I want to print off my card, but the website is not recognizing me/is saying I do not have coverage.
      The large majority of these cases come during the enrollment/change period at the beginning of each semester. If you have not waived coverage for that semester, the University will be submitting your name via list enrollment for coverage. Please check with UAB Student Health Services to ensure your record was submitted to UHCSR.