The University of Alabama at Birmingham has established a Voluntary Medical Withdrawal process for students who have experienced a physical, emotional, or psychological condition that significantly impacts their ability to successfully complete coursework within a term.

Full Term Withdrawal Policy

RS7117 african american girl laptop scrStudents wishing to pursue a medical withdrawal should review the Full Term Withdrawal Policy and seek guidance regarding the impact of a medical withdrawal. It is important for students to understand that any withdrawal can impact any of the following:

  • Academic Progression
  • Anticipated Graduation Date
  • Financial Aid (or funds received to support academic pursuits)
  • Scholarships
  • Eligibility for services for UAB Student

For questions related to the financial impact of a withdrawal, please contact OneStop. The Full Term Withdrawal Policy allows a student to fully withdraw until the last day of classes and receive a “W” for all classes.

Voluntary Medical Withdrawal

After the term has ended, the only withdrawal option available is a medical withdrawal. A Voluntary Medical Withdrawal can be submitted up to 60 days after the term has ended. After 60 days, no withdrawal option is available.

Please note that there is no differentiation between how standard and medical withdrawals are noted on a student’s transcript.

Within the term, if a student wishes to medically withdraw, the regular withdrawal process through BlazerNet can be utilized and does not require the submission of the additional forms for a Voluntary Medical Withdrawal. Students should only consider pursuing a medical withdrawal during the term if:

  • An existing medical condition prevented a student from completing a regular withdrawal at the time the condition began during the semester, or
  • If a physical injury prevents participation in a course that requires physical engagement

Students who have a medical condition that prevented completion of the regular full term withdrawal should contact Student Health Services for assistance by following the instructions below. Students who have a physical injury that prevents participation in a course that requires physical engagement should submit a Partial Term Medical Withdrawal through BlazerNet and submit the Medical Withdrawal Documentation to Student Health Services using the instructions below.

Voluntary Medical Withdrawal Policy


  • Submission Instructions

    To submit a Full Term Withdrawal, students should do the following:

    • Log in to BlazerNet
    • Select the “Registration” Tab at the Top
    • Select “Withdrawal from all Classes”
    • Follow the instructions

    Voluntary Medical Withdrawals should only be submitted after the term has ended. Prior to that point, students must utilize the Full Term Withdrawal process as identified above.

  • Medical Withdrawal Documentation Submission

    To submit a Voluntary Medical Withdrawal, students should log in to BlazerNet and start the process by submitting a Full Term Voluntary Medical Withdrawal. This option should only be utilize after the term has ended. Students might also experience physical injuries during the semester that might qualify them for a Partial Term Voluntary Medical Withdrawal. This option can only be used for a withdrawal due to a physical injury that prevents course completion.

    For both a Full Term Voluntary Medical Withdrawal (post-term) and a Partial Term Voluntary Medical Withdrawal (during the term), students are required to submit the following documentation to Student Health Services:

    Submission Instructions

    Provider Recommendation Form

    This submission should include any supporting documentation for this request. Submission instructions are located above. For questions, please log into the Patient Portal and send a message using the same instructions in the above attachment.

  • Return to the Campus Following a Medical Withdrawal

    It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they are medically prepared to re-enroll. While eligible to return in a future term after requesting a medical withdrawal, subsequent medical withdrawal requests for the same condition will not be approved within 24 months of the initial request.

    Exceptions may be considered if the student experiences extenuated circumstances and have sufficient documentation supporting the request. Students who do not return within one academic year will be made inactive and must reapply for admission.

  • Tuition Refund

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham has a refund schedule that applies to all withdrawals. This information can be located on the Academic Calendar. It is important to note that the refund policy is the same for the Full Term Voluntary Withdrawal and the Full Term Voluntary Medical Withdrawal.

    The Tuition Refund Appeals form is currently unavailable. All inquiries related to a tuition refund appeal should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Tuition Refund Policy

  • Questions?

    For more information related to the Full Term Withdrawal Policy or process, contact OneStop.

    For questions related to the Voluntary Medical Withdrawal process, students should contact Student Health Services via the Patient Portal. Messages can be sent to the “Medical Withdrawal” team through this secure portal.