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Listed below are official social media accounts from UAB entities with broad student appeal.

UAB Students

UAB Students on Facebook UAB Admissions on Instagram uab.snapdragon on Snapchat UAB Students on Twitter


UAB National Alumni Society on Facebook UAB National Alumni Society on Instagram UAB Alumni on Twitter


UAB Blazers on Facebook UAB Atletics on Instagram pinterest 125 twitter 125 UAB Athletics on YouTube

Campus Dining

UAB Dining on Facebook UAB Dining on Instagram UAB Dining on Pinterest UAB Dining on Twitter

Career Center

UAB Career Center on Facebook UAB Career and Professional Development on Instagram  UAB Career and Professional Development on Pinterest

Emergency / B-Alert

UABalert on Facebook UAB Emerengy Management on Twitter

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UAB Images on Instagram


UAB Greenmail on Twitter


UAB Libraries on Instagram UAB Sterne Library on Twitter

Student Housing & Residence Life

UAB Housing on Facebook UAB Housing on Instagram UAB Housing on Twitter

University Recreation

UAB University Recreation on Facebook UAB University Recreation on Instagram UAB University Recreation on Pinterest UAB University Recreation on Twitter