• Academic Calendar Academic Calendar

    Important dates, including registration and payment deadlines, university holidays, and graduation.

  • Academic Honor Code Academic Honor Code

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham expects all members of its academic community to function according to the highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Course Catalogs Course Catalogs

    UAB’s course catalogs provide a complete listing of academic programs and their degree requirements along with important details about policies, procedures, and services.

  • GPA Calculator GPA Calculator

    This handy tool makes it easy to calculate what your grade point average (GPA) will be at the end of this semester.

  • Graduation Planning System (GPS) Graduation Planning System (GPS)

    Online, interactive checksheets are here. The GPS (Graduation Planning System) allows students to track the completion of their degree requirements.

  • Majors, Minors, and Degrees Majors, Minors, and Degrees

    Picking a major is the first step toward the great future that UAB can help you find. And with 49 undergraduate degree programs and a wide variety of minors and concentration areas, UAB is certain to meet your academic needs.

  • Register for Classes Register for Classes

    Important details about registering for classes.

Academic Services

  • Academic Advising Academic Advising

    You can rely on your academic advisor for information, assistance, and encouragement throughout your time at UAB.

  • Academic Success Center Academic Success Center

    Providing academic coaching, peer mentoring, study skills workshops, tutoring services, and courses designed to help students develop strategies for academic success.

  • Libraries Libraries

    Libraries are where the knowledge lives. Don’t you just love the smell of shelf after shelf of books—and knowing you have the wisdom of the world at your fingertips online?! Ahem. Sorry, we get kind of excited about things like this.

  • Math Learning Lab Math Learning Lab

    Where students enrolled in early-level math courses can get assistance beyond the instruction they receive in class.

  • TRIO Academic Services TRIO Academic Services

    If you are a first-generation college student, have a disability, or meet federal income requirements, you might be eligible for free support services and incentives created to help you achieve your goal of graduating in four years.

  • Writing Center Writing Center

    Whether you're working on a two-page report or a master's thesis, experienced tutors offer free consultations on all types of writing and at all stages of the writing process.

Scholarly Programs

  • Beckman Scholars Program Beckman Scholars Program

    The UAB Beckman Scholars Program is for exceptional students in the biological, chemical, and biomedical sciences. The program will provide the scholars with rigorous research training through intensive faculty mentoring.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Acceptance Program Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Acceptance Program

    Work hard through your undergraduate career and earn instant and automatic acceptance into the School of Health Professions with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Early Acceptance Program.

  • Early Medical School Acceptance Program Early Medical School Acceptance Program

    EMSAP is an elite program that offers highly qualified incoming freshmen guaranteed admission to UAB's School of Medicine, Dentistry, or Optometry after successful completion of the undergraduate degree.

  • Fast Track Programs Fast Track Programs

    Our fast track programs help you earn both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in just five years, moving you along your particular path and getting you ahead of the crowd.

  • Honors College Honors College

    Through innovative seminars and enhanced experiential learning opportunities, the UAB Honors College offers our most ambitious students the opportunity to participate in a close-knit community of emerging scholars.

  • Major-Specific Honors Programs Major-Specific Honors Programs

    Opportunities for high ability students, including the UAB Honors College and major-specific honors programs for upperclassmen.

  • Study Away Study Away

    With UAB's Study Away program, our students are going places!

  • Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research

    UAB is known for providing undergraduate students with opportunities to work with mentors and engage in meaningful research projects as early as your freshman year.

More Academics

  • Changing Majors Changing Majors

    Details about changing your undergraduate major.

  • Exceptions to Academic Policy Exceptions to Academic Policy

    Important details for undergraduates who wish to request exceptions to academic policies.

  • Individually Designed Majors Individually Designed Majors

    Students with specific career goals or with unique intellectual objectives may propose majors and minors designed to meet their individual academic needs.

  • Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy

    Students may repeat any course in an effort to improve grades and/or to improve understanding of the course content.

  • New Start Option New Start Option

    The New Start Option serves the student who previously accumulated a poor academic record, but who has recently demonstrated the ability to succeed in college-level work at UAB.

  • BACHE Course Enrollment BACHE Course Enrollment

    This process allows UAB students to take courses at other participating schools in the Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education.