Green Labs

If you have any questions or to begin the process of becoming a UAB Green Labs Member, email to express your intent to participate. Someone from our Green Labs Program will reach out to you and provide your lab-specific survey.

Researchers who are new to UAB can learn more about the program by downloading the pdfUAB Green Labs Primer.

UAB Green Labs looks forward to working with your lab to make UAB more sustainable! Read below for more information about the program.

The goal of the UAB Green Labs Program is to reduce the use of energy, water, material goods, and hazardous chemicals in UAB laboratories without compromising research integrity or safety.

UAB is one of the nation’s elite research-intensive universities, ranked 22nd nationally (10th among public universities) in NIH funding. UAB is also the state’s largest single-site employer, supporting one of every 33 jobs statewide, with an annual economic impact of more than $5 billion on Alabama. Consequently, UAB is also the largest electricity user in the state and generates nearly 6,000 tons of landfill waste annually.

Green Labs Program

UAb Green Labs ProgramUAB Green Labs is a voluntary program designed to assist lab leadership in implementation of efficiency measures to reduce environmental and economic costs without sacrificing research quality, safety standards, or comfort and productivity of lab staff. UAB Sustainability has partnered with UAB Occupational Health and Safety in implementing this program in order to maximize safety.

The program serves the dual purpose of instituting sustainable practices and recognizing participants for their efforts. The program provides generalized guidelines which are applicable to a multitude of facilities with the hope that researchers may innovate and evolve additional practices based on their unique set of circumstances.

Why Become a UAB Green Lab Member

UAB has nearly 2,000 labs and small changes can translate to large economic savings and significant reductions in our environmental impact. Here are several additional reasons to become a UAB Green Labs Member!

  • Lab participants will work with UAB Sustainability, UAB Occupational Health and Safety, and UAB Research to evaluate the efficacy of different approaches to lab sustainability and will have a strong voice in determining the best sustainability options for specific kinds of labs at UAB.
  • Labs participating in UAB Green Labs Program will be eligible for rebates for various consumables and appliances.
  • Labs who complete the program will be recognized with a rating and associated logo to be used on websites, grant proposals, lab door, etc., as well as public recognition for completion.
  • The individual selected to be the Green Lab Representative will gain additional experience with lab management, facilities operations, purchasing, and regulatory structures associated with lab research.
  • The certification process is intended to build a stronger sense of ownership and a team approach to lab research and resource management for the lab’s faculty, staff, and students.

How to Become a UAB Green Lab Member

The PI selects someone in the lab to be the Green Lab Representative. This can be the PI, lab manager, lab tech, post doc, or graduate student. Undergraduates may not be Lab Representatives.

The Green Labs Representative then takes the survey and works to have at least 50% of lab members complete the survey. Upon completion of the survey, a UAB Green Labs Representative will then contact the lab to schedule a visit to go over the results of the assessment, including lab strengths and challenges in sustainable efforts as well as potential rebates the lab may use. The lab then completes the survey again after 6 months and receives a rating based on how well suggested changes were implemented during that period. If the lab successfully puts suggested changes in place, it will receive certification as listed below:

  • 40-49% of changes, Green Lab certification
  • 50-59% of changes, Bronze certification
  • 60-69% of changes, Silver certification
  • 70-79% of changes, Gold certification
  • 80% or more of changes, Platinum Certification

Green Labs Green
Green Labs Bronze
Green Labs Silver
Green Labs Gold
Green Labs Platinum