On October 1, 2013 the UAB Research Foundation became a part of the UAB Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE). The IIE was approved by the UAB Board of Trustees in February 2013. The Research Foundation, which managed intellectual property created by the UAB community, will now have an expanded presence, and operate as the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Institute will serve to create and foster an entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem integrating the UABRF’s existing strengths and capabilities, enhancing and facilitating service and technology commercialization. The mission will include engagement of faculty in creating new classroom and experiential learning opportunities for students across campus, as well as, encourage and cultivate interdisciplinary scholarly research and publication among faculty and clinicians, and serve as the resource center for UAB as it continues to advance its role in innovation and entrepreneurship. The Institute will provide an entry point for industries seeking to collaborate with this world class university. Read more about the IIE.


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  • Endless Pain, Five Seizures, and 26.2 Miles of Never Giving Up
    At the starting line of the 2017 Boston Marathon, the sights and sounds of a new city all around him, Nikes laced, #6992 pinned to his chest, his whole family there to cheer him forward, 30-year-old Nathan Sexton, tall and lanky and undergoing clinical trials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the Stage 4 brain cancer the chemo couldn’t fry, feels “pretty good.”
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