As of May 10, 2021, UAB students, faculty and staff who are not considered health care personnel and do not work in or visit UAB clinical buildings or settings are not required to complete Healthcheck.

Students and employees who experience a COVID symptom or exposure should fill out the correct form below:

UAB Medicine employees, health care personnel and others — including trainees and students — with a clinical touchpoint be screened prior to their shift can access Healthcheck here.

Click here to learn more about on-site visitor Healthcheck requirements.

In part to comply with a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requirement, students, faculty and staff who are considered health care personnel or have a touchpoint in a clinical building or setting will be required to complete Healthcheck daily prior to their shift until further notice. It is quick and easy to comply using UAB Healthcheck, which allows you to simply reply “YES” or “NO” to a daily text message. A completed Healthcheck generates a digital “passport”; employees and students should be prepared to display this passport upon request by a health screener to enter clinical buildings. Please enroll in Healthcheck if you have not already done so.

The following groups are required to complete Healthcheck seven days a week:

  • All Workgroup C employees
  • Health Services Foundation (HSF) employees
  • Health System employees
  • School of Dentistry: students, faculty and staff
  • School of Medicine: students, faculty and staff
  • School of Optometry: students, faculty and staff
  • Students or employees of other units, schools, colleges — including Joint Health Sciences — working in or entering clinical facilities on a regular basis, including but not limited to:School of Education: Students and faculty working in the Community Counseling Clinic
    • School of Health Professions: Students, faculty and staff who work in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physician Assistant programs
    • School of Nursing: Clinical students, faculty and staff
    • Faculty members who use medical equipment (e.g., MRI) in a clinic

This requirement is effective now, and compliance of those required to complete Healthcheck will be monitored and enforced. To complete Healthcheck and/or register for or reactivate Healthcheck text messages, click here and enter your cellphone number.

Students, faculty and staff required to complete Healthcheck will receive additional communications with context and guidance from their respective schools or units. Please pay close attention to UAB and UABMC emails for important information.

Until further notice, visitors to UAB Hospital and clinics will be screened upon arrival. University guests must follow UAB visitor policies and complete the visitor Healthcheck.

Buildings that require masks and Healthcheck:

  • 2020 Building (University Boulevard 2020 Building)
  • 2221 2nd Avenue Warehouse
  • 3100 4th Avenue South Warehouse
  • 400 10th Avenue South
  • 405 21st Street Warehouse
  • 516 Building (Hospital Support Building)
  • 526 Building (Hospital Support Building)
  • 5th Avenue Parking Deck
  • 6th Avenue Parking Deck, with addition
  • 725 Building (Eyster Building)
  • 820 Building (Corporate Health Systems)
  • Annex (corner of 5th Avenue and 21st Street South)
  • Avondale Business Center
  • Boshell Diabetes Education and Research Building
  • Bridges within UAB Hospital
  • Community Health Services Building (CH-19)
  • Community Health Services Building (CH-20)
  • Center for Research In Womens Health (CRWH)
  • Callahan Eye Hospital
  • Center for Psychiatric Medicine
  • Center for Psychiatric Medicine Parking
  • Civitan International Research Center
  • Community Care Building
  • Dewberry Building
  • Faculty Office Tower
  • General Services Building
  • Health Clinic Hoover
  • Health Clinic Inverness
  • Highlands Orthopaedic Specialties Building (OSB)
  • Highlands Physician's Office Builiding (POB)
  • Highlands Parking Deck
  • Hospital Support Building
  • Jefferson Tower, with South Wing Addition
  • John Whitaker Building
  • Kirklin Clinic at Acton Road
  • Kirklin Clinic of UAB Hospitals
  • Kirklin Clinic Parking Deck (TKC)
  • Kirklin Clinic Retail Area (501 & 509) (TKC)
  • Kracke Building
  • Legacy of Hope
  • Medical Center Hotel
  • Medical Education Building
  • New Hillman Building
  • North Pavilion (UAB Hospital)
  • North Wing-Jefferson Tower Addition
  • Old Hillman Building
  • Quarterback Tower
  • Russell Ambulatory Wing, University Hospital
  • Southern Research Institute Site (SRI)
  • Spain & McDonald Clinic
  • Spain Rehab
  • Spain Tower
  • Trash Compactor Facility
  • Trauma Communications Center
  • UAB Gardendale (FED)
  • UAB Gardendale Primary and Specialty Care
  • UAB Greystone
  • UAB Highlands
  • UAB Hoover Primary and Specialty Care
  • UAB Inverness
  • UAB Leeds
  • UAB Plastic Surgery (Mountain Brook)
  • UAB Proton Therapy
  • UAB School of Dentistry
  • UAB Urgent Care
  • Wallace Tumor Institute with 4th, 5th and 6th floor expansion and NMR addition
  • West Pavilion
  • White Building
  • Women & Infants Center

Have Symptoms? Been Exposed?

Students and employees experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should stay home. DO NOT come to class or to work.

Students: DO NOT attend in-person class, clinical rotations or other activity until cleared by Student Health Services. Notify your course instructors or supervisor that you cannot be present.

Faculty and staff: DO NOT report to work until cleared by Employee Health; if you are at work, leave. Notify your supervisor that you cannot be present. Note: At this time, employees who are health care workers will not necessarily need to quarantine and will be allowed to continue to work.

Health care workers should continue to report to work unless otherwise instructed through Healthcheck or by Employee Health.


Fill out the Student COVID Screening Survey.

Students who have urgent concerns, please contact Student Health Services (205-934-3580 or 205-934-3411 after-hours/weekends).


Fill out the Employee Exposure or Experiencing Symptoms Form.

Employees who have urgent concerns, please contact Employee Health (205-934-3675, Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

If you have symptoms and are going to visit a health care provider or Student Health Services, please call first and wear your face mask.

How UAB Healthcheck Works


Fill out the initial set up survey the first time you access UAB Healthcheck.


After that, you are required to complete UAB Healthcheck daily (7 days a week).


Access UAB Healthcheck directly via the UAB app or Employees can also access UAB Healthcheck through the myUAB employee portal.


Set up email and text reminders through the UAB Healthcheck tool.


If you develop new symptoms — do not wait for a reminder — report them immediately. You cannot fill out Healthcheck twice in one day. If you have already filled out Healthcheck for that day, alert Student Health or Employee Health:

  • Students should call Student Health Services (205-934-3580 or 205-934-3411 after-hours/weekends) for next steps.
  • Faculty and staff should fill out the Employee Exposure or Experiencing Symptoms Form.
  • Employees who are health care workers will not necessarily need to quarantine after exposures at this time and should follow the instructions of Employee Health.


Get your GuideSafe™ Event Passport and be cleared to be on campus for the day.

Guidance and requirements are subject to change and will be updated prior to future phases of entry, including a return to in-person instruction.