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Vice-Chairperson: Michayla Jeremiah:

  • Vice Chairperson is the second in command to lead Senate sessions in the absence of the Executive Vice President. In addition to understanding Senate rules and procedures, the Vice-Chair is responsible for logistical tasks and committee outreach. Tasks associated with this role include, but are not limited to, the following: keeping attendance, taking Senate meeting minutes, tracking committee initiatives, and compiling updates and data with the EVP. 

New committees (7 school and non-school): 

  • Academic Affairs- The Academic Affairs Committee is committed to developing and improving the academic experience at UAB. This committee aims to voice student opinions regarding the multiple academic sectors and resources across campus. 
  • Environmental Affairs- The Environmental Affairs Committee reviews campus operations and how specific facilities or businesses can incorporate sustainable practices. This committee collects data on current campus practices as well as works to create environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Student Health and Wellness- The Student Health and Wellness Committee reviews university policies on health & wellness (i.e. mental health and well-being) for students, advocate for student resources, and create resources based on university policies and issues 
  • Campus Life- The Campus Life Committee functions to improve dining and transportation options, identify student concerns in residence halls, and provide campus resources (student space, student services, transportation, Disability Support Services, athletics)
  • Financial Affairs- The Financial Affairs Committee works to expand financial resources and contacts, pursue partnerships with local businesses and restaurants for student discounts, and reach out to local organizations and the UAB community to allow sponsorships for funding
  • Community Outreach- The Community Outreach Committee develops and maintains relations with the Birmingham community (i.e. participating in community service projects throughout the school year, hosting philanthropy events, etc.). This committee promotes ongoing efforts by the general community (UAB and Birmingham projects) and helps immerse USGA in these matters
  • Social Justice- The Social Justice Committee aims to identify minority groups and organizations on campus. Their goal is to support all students’ ability to live and learn within UAB’s environment despite age, gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation, or genetic information.

Links to policy and meeting minutes:

  • Viewing link to the formal meeting folder (includes Formal Senate Meeting minutes, agenda, and Zoom recordings). Here is the link to the meeting minutes folder for both school and non-school committees- provide insight on current initiatives, policies, or issues being worked on.