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2022-2023 Legislation

Constitutionality Review Repeal Bill

Resolution to Increase Safety and Security in Parking

Resolution in support of the Formation of the Elections Commission

Secretary of the Senate Position Bill

Resolution to Shift to Complete Halal and Kosher Meat Options

Resolution in Support of Interim Financial Affairs Committee

Bill to Revision to the Attendance Policy


Legislation passed during the 2019-2020 administration

A Resolution in Support of Revisions to the School of Health Professions Background Check and Drug Screening Policy

Constitutional Revisions Amendment

A Resolution in Support of Banning Plastic Litter for Special Occasions at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

A Resolution in Support of Establishing A USGA Funded Textbook Award Program

A Resolution in Support of Fair Trade Practices at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

A Resolution in Support of the Installation of Condom Dispensers in the Laundry Rooms in UAB Residence Halls

Updating the Code of Laws

Legislation passed during the 2018-2019 administration

A Resolution Opposing Proposed Changes to Title IX Regulations

A Resolution in Support of the Movement to Increase Accessibility to Menstrual Hygiene Products on Campus

A Resolution in Support of Student Led Safe-Sex Efforts in UAB Residence Halls

Changing the School of Engineering Online Course Catalogs and Course Plans to Reflect Courses Offered in Particular Semesters

Replacing the Furniture on the First Floor of the Business and Engineering Complex

A Resolution to Support the Condemnation of Governor George Wallace's Name on Plaques and Infrastructure at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Allowing Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments to be passed during Special Sessions

Extending Hours of the INTO Multi-Faith Room

An Amendment Clarifying the Establishment of Constitutionality in regard to Bills and Resolutions

A Resolution to Support the Department of Neurobiology and the Department of Psychology for Taking a Stance Against Sexual Assault

Free Cups of Water at UAB Dining Restaurants

Chemistry Building Temperature Adjustment

Establishing a Demerit Plea System in USGA

Increasing Accountability within the USGA

Expanding Accessibility to the College of Arts and Sciences Advising