Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)  http://www.tesol.org
TESOL is a professional organization with over 100 national and international affiliates. TESOL's mission is to develop the expertise of its members and others involved in teaching English to speakers of other languages to help them foster effective communication in diverse settings while respecting individuals' language rights. TESOL sponsors a four-day international convention each year in the Spring.

TESOL 2018: March 27-30; Chicago, Illinois
Call for proposals - due by June 1, 2017

TESOL 2019: March 12-15; Atlanta, Georgia
TESOL 2020: March 31-April 3; Denver, Colorado
TESOL 2021: March 23-26; Houston, Texas

Alabama-Mississippi TESOL (AMTESOL)  http://www.amtesol.org/
AMTESOL is an affiliate of TESOL. The venue for AMTESOL's annual 2-day conference alternates between Alabama and Mississippi.
There will not be a conference in January 2018 due to AMTESOL hosting SETESOL in October 2017.

Emerald Coast TESOL  
Emerald Coast TESOL serves educators at all levels of ESOL and has membership from southern Alabama and the Florida Gulf Coast.

Southeast Regional TESOL (SETESOL)
SETESOL is an association of 9 TESOL affiliates that represent 11 states in the Southeast. Each year, SETESOL's regional conference rotates to a different states. AMTESOL hosted the SETESOL conference in 1991, 1999, and 2008 and will host the October 2017 conference in Birmingham, Alabama.                 

SETESOL 2017 both logos
Transforming Lives Through Languages & Cultures
October 4-7, 2017
Hosted by AMTESOL
Birmingham, Alabama
Hyatt Regency Birmingham - Wynfrey Hotel
Call for proposals - due by May 1, 2017

SETESOL 2018: canceled due to TESOL Convention in Atlanta
SETESOL 2019: Sunshine State TESOL

Southern Conference on Language Teaching (SCOLT)  http://www.scolt.org

SCOLT 2017 logo

SCOLT 2017
Languages: Your Global Fast Pass
March 16-18, 2017
Orlando, Florida

American Translators Association  
ATA 2017: October 25-28; Washington, D.C.
ATA 2018: October 24-27; New Orleans, Louisiana
ATA 2019: October 23-26; Palm Springs, California

Alabama World Languages Association (AWLA)  http://www.theawla.org