An ESL Advisory Council was formed in 2009 with the goal of supporting UAB’s MAEd/ESL program. Its main purpose has been to ensure the quality preparation of teachers for providing ESL services to adult language learners. This ESL Advisory Council is composed of members who represent a wide range of the diverse programs that provide ESL services to adults. As such, these members come from community-based and faith-based programs in both urban and rural areas as well as from community colleges and higher education.

The objectives of this ESL Advisory Council are as follows: 

  • Supporting the MAEd/ESL’s International Track for preparing ESL teachers of adult learners
  • Identifying needs of diverse service providers that offer ESL classes to adult language learners
  • Receiving feedback on how the MAEd/ESL can better help providers in meeting these needs 
  • Evaluating outcomes of the International Track in preparing ESL teachers of adult learners
  • Making recommendations to improve the MAEd/ESL program’s International Track
  • As needed, establishing subcommittees and task forces (e.g., Curriculum Task Force)
Since its first meeting in February 2009, this Advisory Council has met annually. Following are the agendas and membership lists from these annual meetings:

First meeting February 10, 2009 2009 Agenda 2009 Members
Second meeting February 9, 2010 2010 Agenda 2010 Members
Third meeting February 15, 2011 2011 Agenda 2011 Members
Fourth meeting January 19, 2012 2012 Agenda 2012 Members
Fifth meeting January 13, 2014 2014 Agenda
2014 Members

      Advisory Council 2014 photo

 Last updated: 2/8/2014