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Academic advising has played a vital role in the post-secondary education process since the inception of the academy. Historically, universities have imbedded advising processes into academic experiences as exemplified by the “Oxford Model.” As accessibility to, and persistence through colleges grew, many institutions began to restructure the advising experience in manners that separated it from the formal classroom-based education structure. However, the desired learning outcomes associated with the academic advising processes remain and students benefit from learning centered advising sessions.

The Advising as Teaching Series is designed to highlight the alignment between academic advising and the educational mission of UAB relative to student growth and development.  Each session is designed in a workshop format such that they provide advisors opportunities to network with peers and practice skills associated with NACADA’s research based best practices in academic advising.

For more information about this workshop series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with UAB's Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center.

Workshops in this series have concluded for the current semester.

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Motivating to Plan

Key to meeting the desired learning outcomes associated with academic advising is the ability to guide students through a planning process. In addition to guiding student towards degree completion in a desired timeframe, academic advisors serve to motivate students to learn from and contribute to the whole UAB experience. Join this Advising is Teaching session and expect to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in your ability to motivate students.


Developing your Advising Syllabus

Come prepared to develop an advising syllabus for you and your students. This session will review the primary components of the "Advising is Teaching" series as they relate to the development of a position specific syllabus to serve as your roadmap to being a successful academic advisor. Time will be provided for you to network with your colleagues and begin to develop an advising syllabus.


Journal Club

Come prepared to develop discuss an article of your choice related to advising as teaching. The scholarship of advising as teaching has a tradition within educational journals and is gaining momentum. How are we, at UAB, applying our knowledge and skills to advance the scholarship of learning outcomes associated with academic advising?


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