The Informatics Institute provides a home for focusing biomedical informatics activities in the UAB School of Medicine.  The Institute comprises core and affiliated faculty and staff with expertise across the biomedical informatics spectrum, including bioinformatics, computational and systems biomedicine, translational informatics, clinical research informatics, and clinical informatics. 

Our mission is fourfold:

We lead and conduct research at the intersection of informatics, mathematics, data and systems science, biology and medicine, to develop new approaches, techniques, tools, and models that aim at solving problems relevant to human health and disease, including biomedical discoveries, assisted diagnosis, development of treatments, and novel therapeutics. Informatics contributes toward timely prevention of diseases in individuals and communities, and is rapidly advancing health care and biomedical research.

We contribute with our expertise to facilitate medical, biomedical, and translational research at UAB and around the world, through partnerships and collaborations with experimentalists and clinicians.

We offer educational programs by teaching Informatics at the undergraduate and graduate level and by training the next generations of Informatics researchers; we offer a dynamic environment with numerous opportunities for current and prospective students and postdoctoral researchers to contribute toward cutting-edge research and innovation in biomedicine and health care.

We coordinate Informatics-related efforts with other UAB initiatives, most notably the Center for Genomic Medicine and the Personalized Medicine Institute.

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