Employee Emergency Assistance Program FAQs


  • How Do I Apply for Employee Emergency Assistance?

    Applicants to the Employee Emergency Assistance Program (EEAP) should contact the Benevolent Fund office at 996-2040. A pre-screening will occur over the phone and, if appropriate, an interview will be scheduled. You will be instructed to bring in the necessary documentation for the interview. The Intake Form should be completed either prior to or during the interview. During the interview, you will be asked questions related to your hardship and your financial situation.

  • What Documentation is Required?

    All decisions regarding assistance are determined based on the information provided by the employee. The committee requests documentation of all income coming into the home, all expenses going out of the home, how the hardship has impacted the household finances, and current family resources. This includes but is not limited to the following types of information:

    1. Official documentation of the incident which has created the financial hardship. For example:
      • physician's statement (including dates unable to work)
      • medical bills, co-pays for doctors visits and prescriptions
      • accident report, police, or fire report
      • proof of leave time/ paid time off balance
      • death certificate
      • legal documentation of divorce proceedings
      • all pay stubs that document loss of income due to hardship
    2. Documentation of monthly income for all members of the household, regardless of type of income. For example:
      • 2 recent pay stubs from UAB (1 showing regular pay)
      • 2 recent pay stubs from 2nd job or for others in the home
      • Self employment taxes or tax returns for self employed
      • Child Support
      • Alimony
      • SSI/Disability
      • Pension
      • Unemployment
      • All Other Income
    3. Documentation of all monthly expenses including the following:
      • Lease or Mortgage Payment Coupon/Statement
      • Utility Bills (power, gas, water, phone, cable, garbage, etc. paid or not)
      • Car Payment Coupon/Statement
      • Insurances (i.e. Car, Life, Rental or Mortgage, etc.)
      • Child Care Expenses
      • Loans (student/educational, personal, property, payday, title, etc.)
      • Credit Cards
      • Tuition or Other School Expenses
      • Other Regularly Paid Bills
    4. Current Family Resources
      • Checking account balance within last 30 days
      • Savings account balance within last 30 days
  • What is considered an emergency situation?

    Applicants must have a documented emergency situation beyond the employee's control that has caused a financial hardship. Examples of emergency situations which could be considered for assistance:

    • fire
    • natural disaster such as flood, tornado, etc.
    • theft/loss of essential property
    • loss of income for self or spouse
    • death in immediate family if accompanied by other hardships
    • accident
    • illness/disability

    The need for financial assistance must be directly attributed to or caused by a qualifying emergency. Loss of employment at UAB does not qualify. Common life occurrences that would not in and of themselves be qualifying events include routine car and home repairs/maintenance, car accidents, legal fees, and living beyond one's means.

    If the employee does not meet the criteria for assistance from the UAB EEAP, a Community Resource List will be given to the employee. It is the employee's responsibility to contact the community programs to seek assistance.

  • Who is Eligible for Employee Emergency Assistance?

    If an employee is eligible to give to the Benevolent Fund, the employee is eligible to receive assistance from the Benevolent Fund. UAB (all campuses), Eye Foundation, Viva, Health System, and HSF employees who are classified as either:

    • full time regular
    • full time temporary
    • part time regular
    • fellow (pay code 21 only) or resident
    • retirees/retired disabled (up to 90 days following retirement)
    • three 12 hour shifts per week

    Ineligible employees include irregular employees, students, work study students, requisition employees, contract employees, and employees of contractors.

  • Who will know that I have applied for assistance through the EEAP?

    We do our best to maintain your confidentiality. The Program Coordinator completes an application for each case which is given an identifying number to ensure confidentiality. At no time do the committee members have access to any identifying information about the employee who is requesting assistance. On some occasions, with you permission, supervisors or the human resource office are contacted to discuss FMLA or leave time due to qualifying emergency. Those involved in the process of generating the assistance award will have access to the employees name and award amount but no details regarding the hardship the employee is facing.

  • What happens after I have applied for assistance?

    The UAB Benevolent Fund Council Sub-Committee meets weekly to review the applications for assistance and to administer financial assistance. The committee makes decisions for assistance based on documented qualifying emergencies, employees' needs, and the Benevolent Fund bylaws, which govern the committee.

    Following the presentation of your case to the committee, the Program Coordinator will contact you regarding the outcome. The committee can approve a case, deny a case, or table a case to request additional information. Following the committee's decision, the Program Coordinator will inform you of the next steps.

  • How do I receive my assistance?

    If the application is approved for assistance, the assistance will be completed through direct deposit or a check made payable to the employee in accordance with UAB policies. Awards are usually issued within 2-4 days after the committee considers and approves the case. The employee will be notified when the accounting process is complete. If the employee is paid by an entity other than UAB (e.g. Viva, HSF, HS), the employee must schedule a time to pick up the check or request to have the check mailed.

  • What responsibilities do I have after receiving assistance?

    All employees receiving assistance are required to provide receipts showing that the money was used to pay the bills approved by the EEAP Committee. Additionally, when the Committee requires financial counseling, employees are required to provide documentation upon completion. Failure to provide receipts or documentation of financial counseling will be taken into consideration if assistance is requested from EEAP in the future and may be reason for denial of future requests.

    Because the IRS considers all assistance taxable income, at the end of the year the employee will receive a 1099 form stating receipt of this income which the employee must claim on income taxes.

  • What happens if I am denied assistance?

    After an employee is denied assistance by the committee, the employee must wait six (6) months before reapplying. When making reapplication after the six months have passed, there must be a new qualifying emergency/hardship to be considered. All EEAP Committee decisions are final and there is not an appeals process.

  • What happens if the committee requests further information?

    When the committee requests further information, the employee has two (2) weeks to provide the requested information, except for in unusual situations where more time is required. Following receipt of the requested information, the case will be presented to the committee at the next weekly meeting. The Program Coordinator will notify you of the outcome of your case following the meeting.

    If the requested information is not provided in the two week time period, you must wait six (6) months before making a new request for assistance.

  • What limits apply to Employee Emergency Assistance?
    1. Monetary Limits:
      • No more than $1,250 may be awarded to an employee during any 12 month period.
      • No more than $3,750 or 3 annual maximums may be awarded to any employee during their  lifetime.
    2. Application Limits:
      • No more than one application per employee and/or per crisis situation
      • May not reapply within 6 months of application whether approved or denied.
      • May not reapply for 12 months if $1,250 limit has been reached.
  • How can I offer comments or suggestions about the Employee Emergency Assistance Program?

    You may complete an Evaluation Form for the Employee Emergency Assistance Program and return it to the UAB Faculty and Staff Benevolent Fund.

  • Who can I contact for more information about the Emergency Employee Assistance Fund?

    Further information and clarification can be obtained from the Benevolent Fund Office at 996-2040 or benevolentfund@uab.edu.