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The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama has established Board Rule 302, Compensation Policy, which requires that the Compensation Committee of the board approve proposed salaries and payments (including extra-ordinary benefits) for any employee or candidate for employment whose current or proposed UAB salary exceeds a specified level. This level, which is subject to change annually, is currently $365,715.

These guidelines have been developed in order to ensure that these submissions are done in the most efficient manner possible. For current UAB employees, departments should allow sufficient time for campus review and board approval prior to the anticipated effective date of the payment. In the case of new hires, campus review and board approval must occur prior to a written offer being extended to the candidate.


UAB Salary - Total salary paid by UAB including any incentive, bonus, fixed increment, or other similar payments.

Extra-Ordinary Benefits - Benefits that are not available to all regular faculty and staff.

Process Guidelines

  1. The supervisor of the employee or candidate for employment for whom the salary or payment is recommended should complete the appropriate sections of a Compensation Approval Recommendation Form (see below for form) and attach a completed appointment form, turnaround document, or disbursement requisition (whichever is applicable) along with a letter explaining the basis for the recommendation. Also, new hire packages should include a copy of the candidate's resume and current employee packages should include a salary history.
  2. The Compensation Approval Recommendation Form, along with the attached documentation, should be forwarded as indicated on the form
  3. Upon receipt by the appropriate senior executive (provost, vice president for financial affairs and administration, vice president for development, alumni, and external relations, or CEO of UAB Health System), the executive will review the recommendation and, if he/she approves, forward the documentation to the board liaisonin the Office of the President.
  4. The board liaison will prepare the recommendation for review of the president and for submission to the chancellor, if approved by the president.
  5. The board liaison will provide originating department and appropriate senior executive with copies of package approved by president for submission.
  6. The board liaison will receive the board response and will:
    1. If approved as submitted, forward the complete package to budget administration for processing and return a completed copy of the Compensation Approval Recommendation Form to the appropriate senior executive for use in notifying the appropriate parties.
    2. If not approved as submitted, return the complete package to the appropriate senior executive.

+ Effective October 1, 2006. Amount is subject to change annually.

UAB Compensation Approval Recommendation Form

Updated: December 1, 2006