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The non-degree category serves students who do not wish to pursue a degree at UAB, as well as those who wish to begin graduate study before being admitted to a degree program. As a non-degree student you can still use the services of our office — we can help you navigate the university system as well as develop academic action plans as needed.

Illustration of a book. If you wish to enroll in undergraduate courses with no intent of pursuing a degree you should apply and be classified as a non-degree seeking student. You may also apply as a non-degree seeking student if you are pursuing a certificate program in the School of Education or the School of Business, but you will work with an advisor in one of those schools.

The following restrictions apply to non-degree students:
  • You are ineligible for financial aid or for priority registration.
  • If a course is over-enrolled, you may be dropped in favor of degree-seeking students.
  • You may not participate in intercollegiate sports.

There are three types of non-degree students:

  • Temporary students

    If you are seeking personal enrichment or career enhancement you may be admitted to UAB as a temporary student. Applicants in this category must be at least 25 years of age. You must provide a letter of good standing if you have attended another college or university within the last year.

    Temporary students are limited to enrolling in a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester and applying a maximum of 24 credit hours total to a UAB degree program.

  • Transient students

    If you want to transfer credit earned at UAB back to another institution where you are enrolled as a full-time student you may be admitted as a transient student. Applicants for transient status must submit an official transcript from the home institution. Enrollment as a transient student is typically for one term, with a maximum of two consecutive semesters. If Transient enrollment is not in consecutive terms, a letter of good standing will be required for each term of enrollment at UAB.

    Registration for classes:
    The transient paperwork from the home institution should specify the class or classes you wish to register for. This paperwork should be provided to the UAB Office of Undergraduate Admission for clearance for those specific classes. You can contact Undergraduate Admissions through their website.

  • Post-Baccalaureate students

    See our page for post-baccalaureate students for more information.

Change of Status

A non-degree student who wishes to change to a degree-seeking classification must reapply for admission by submitting an application for admission and application fee to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. To be admitted as a degree seeking student, the individual must:
  1. meet the required application deadline and admission requirements and
  2. submit all documentation required for a degree-seeking applicant.
Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission website for criteria and application deadlines.Save